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Min. Farrakhan Speaks with His Excellency Mohsen Rezaee, Secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council, in Tehran, Iran



(Editor’s Note: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a powerful message Nov. 18 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago. He provided details about his recent trip to Iran, the reception and reaction he received and taught extensively on the reality of the Great Mahdi and the Messiah and their direct connection to the Nation of Islam. The Minister issued a direct challenge to those who have falsely labeled him and the Nation as anti-Semites and haters and called for a public showdown where the truth can be proven before the world. The Minister also shared how he met with His Excellency Mohsen Rezaee, the secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council, a legislative branch of the Iranian government in Tehran. Mr. Rezaee is also an advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader and a former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Below
is an edited transcript of their meeting Nov. 4 in Iran. Editing done was simply to make the article easier to read because of some translation. None of the content or spirit of the message was changed. We urge our readers to carefully examine and digest these powerful and enlightening words. We also urge you to make sure that you stay tuned for Part 2 of this important article next week, God Willing.)


I was weighing very carefully the time, the government of America and what America, I believe, is planning against the government and people of Iran. We have never been closer to war as we are right now. For the last 20 or more years, out of the Pentagon, plans were developed to overthrow seven Muslim nations in five years. The Generals that were a part of that plan, one of them, exposed what was in a memo that he gained from Paul Wolfowitz, one of the Neo-Conservatives, a Zionist, who has always felt that you can’t make peace with Iran because you cannot change Iran’s thinking. So, Iran must be destroyed.

They never sleep. They’re working in Iran as we are speaking developing an internal enemy. It was the same with Muammar Gadhafi. The CIA was working in Libya with disaffected Libyans from Benghazi. When America would attack, they wanted Egypt to attack Libya from the East and the assets of the CIA inside Libya would rise and kill Gadhafi and others.

They’ve all but succeeded in overthrowing with the Arab Spring many Islamic regimes that they disliked. A big surprise came in Egypt when Mohamed Morsi of the Islamic Brotherhood became president. Within a short time, America through their assets in Egypt, organized a coup against the legitimately elected president of Egypt.

My dear brothers and sisters, I am so full because I have been blessed by God to know what they’re planning against Iran. Not that you don’t know it because you do, but I don’t know whether we are taking the proper steps to block their evil plans. So here we are. I warned Brother Gadhafi that they were going to bomb Libya, the airfield, the water project. And, within days they bombed.

Right now President Trump cannot chastise Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi because they’ve made a tremendous investment in the Saudi government in the friendship of Muhammad Bin Salman with Jerad Kushner, the son-in-law of President Trump. Our president called Saudi King Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud and asked him to gather all the Sunni nations in Riyadh and invite him. And when Mr. Trump came to Riyadh, you listened. I’m sure you and the Supreme Leader listened very carefully. Mr. Trump’s aim was to extract from the Sunni nations pledges to buy the latest weaponry of America.

Then he proceeded to try to unite the Sunni nations and direct their anger at the Shi’ite Muslims. With all humility, we have allowed the division that took place at the deathbed of the Prophet to last for 1,400 years with no resolution of that which happened that split Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims. Allah says in the Qur’an that we did not become divided until knowledge came to us, splitting up our religion into sects and parties; each party rejoicing in their part due to envy. If envy is at the root of something, the root is rotten, so the tree and its branches will not bear the fruit that Allah desires.

So, your excellency, this is why I came because it is important that we are guided correctly in this hour, lest the Middle East will be the trigger of World War III where no nation will survive intact. I will close by saying, the Mahdi, to whom praise is due forever, it is written that He would set down every tyrant and set justice in the earth. Righteousness and wickedness cannot coexist, and each nation that is Islamic has to reconcile its own deviation from the Qur’an. We cannot allow politicians who are trying to win friendship with Shaitan to lead our nations because they can’t speak straight words because they want to compromise. You cannot compromise justice. You cannot compromise truth. You cannot compromise righteousness.

So the whole Islamic world must be called to repentance for putting the Holy Qur’an behind their backs as though Allah revealed something that has no merit in the modern time, in a modern world. So, our prayers, my dear beloved, brother as a warrior who had to fight and kill your own Muslim brothers because Shaitan came between us.

I was telling my host, this morning, that I had a meeting with Prince Bandar bin Sultan in the Saudi embassy in Riyadh. I asked him, why are you letting American troops into this Holy Land? He tried to assure me that they had agreements with America that when whatever they were there to do was finished, they could be asked to leave, and they would leave. So, I asked him: have you checked the treaties that America has made with the native people of America? How many treaties did they break? Did you see what they did to brother Muammar Gadhafi, of Libya, after he submitted and gave them his weapons of mass destruction on a promise that they would bring him out of the cold and treat him with respect and honor?

Why is our memory so short that we are not profiting from what we see happening with those who make agreements with America? So, a new president comes in and rips up the agreement. He never gave back the billions of dollars that they have of Iranian sweat and blood in their banks that they control. Now they are ready to go to war. Prince Bandar said to me, “we gave $80 billion to Saddam Hussein of Iraq. And with the help of America, we went to war with Iran because they feared Imam Khomeini and the Iranian Revolution.”

Why is Jamal Khashoggi dead? Because some in Saudi Arabia said he was an Islamist. There’s another adjective that they used in front of Islamist. A radical Islamist and that’s what they thought of Imam Khomeini, a radical Muslim. So, the radical Muslim is dead, murdered. So, can we make an arrangement with America that they will respect?

Minister Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam, meets with Mohsen Rezaee, secretary of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council in Tehran. The council is part of the legislative branch of Iranian government.

I’m sorry for talking so much but I am full, and I did not come here to accept your hospitality and your kindness and not leave something here from Al-Mahdi for you to think about. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us the Mahdi visited every inhabited part of our planet. But His work would not begin in this area of the world because of its decadence. Look at your Qur’an, every destruction that Allah brought about, he brought it about in this area of the world. How is this the Holy Land anymore? So, the Mahdi came to North America, the Citadel of Wickedness, because we were there enslaved for 463 years. Satan made us into himself well; when you look at a Black man, you’re looking at a White man in Black skin.

We reflect the evil of the wickedness of Satan. Al-Mahdi came, and he raised up Al-Massi. Don’t look for the Messiah to come out of the Muslim world. You are not worthy to produce such because of your deviation. We, the Blacks in America, rejected and despised were chosen by Allah to raise a light in the dark corner of wickedness. So, the sun of Islam is not rising in the East today. You cannot give us guidance because you have lost it yourself.

You need to be guided again to the path of God that has been forsaken and that is why the Islamic World is closing down in front of our eyes, so the sunlight of Islam is rising from the West. Not from the Whites of America, but from Black people whom many have rejected and despised. But today, Allah has given us a light and we will shine that light and whosoever will, will be guided by it. Please excuse my passion. I love you and I love Islam and I love this area of the world, which was once the domain, not of White Muslims, but of Blacks.

Yes, the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers, this is where civilization began. It will be returned to its former greatness only if we repent, bow down in submission and come back to Allah and the Path of the Prophet; and Allah will forgive us for deviation and raise Islam again. That’s why I’m here. I didn’t care whether you accept me or reject me. I’m not here to become a part of false friendship. If we’re a Friend of Truth, we’ll be friends. If we’re a Friend of Righteousness, we’ll be friends. So, my dear General, you’re out of the military in a sense but you’ll be back in it shortly. The greatness of your mind will be needed again.

And even though we’re older now, the young don’t have what you have. And they should have listened to the Supreme Leader. When you violate good guidance coming from your Supreme Leader, there are consequences. You can’t make those kinds of mistakes and not pay a price. So, I beg you, if I’m blessed to speak to my government from here, I will warn them of sanctions. They give you sanctions but Al-Mahdi, Allah, is going to sanction them not with sanctions but with Divine Judgement. If America does not repent, which I don’t think she will, she is finished as a great nation.

What is the theme of my talk? Is it about hegemony? Yes, America is losing the trust and friendship of many nations. America, like Babylon, is fallen. And Donald Trump is the right man to speed up her fall. Allah put him there to bring about the fruition of His will. The Christians say the devil is a liar and every day they’re mocking how many lies he tells. Allah created the heavens and the earth with truth. There’s nothing in this universe that was created by a lie except Shaitan; but even he is rooted in truth otherwise he could not deceive those who are truthful.

I didn’t expect to say these things. I don’t use notes. People sit down, and they write I should say this, and this will get this response. No. I speak from here, my mind, and here, my heart, to there, your mind, and there, your heart. You can do with me as you please. This is one of the greatest nations on this earth and you have set up a theocracy, but Al-Mahdi said he’s going to set down every tyrant and set justice in the earth. He’s a man born of a woman but anointed with tremendous power by Allah, the Most High. I come in his name and in the name of Al-Massi, the Messiah. I don’t expect you to believe that right away, but you are not foolish people. A false man you can easily dismiss him; but a truthful man who speaks from the guidance of Allah and His Messiah, you can’t dismiss Him except at your own peril.

Thank you for allowing me this privilege to have these few words, and if there’s any question that you would ask of me, my dear brother and brothers, I’ll do my best to try to answer it as succinctly as possible.

His Excellency Mohsen Rezaee: Bismillah Ir-rahman, Ir-rahim. (In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.) I felt very privileged at what you said. Your words came from your heart and mind, settles on the heart and mind. You speak with truth. We’re gratified and express much gratitude that you came at a sensitive time to our country. Your coming at this point and time shows that there’s no distance between us and you.

It’s obvious that we’re together. Our Islamic Revolution raised the Islamic flag. First, we think of Islam and then about you all.

Iran cannot survive without Islam. I have extra love for Islam. All Islamic nations say if they don’t think of Islam first nothing would be left for them, and now we’re being oppressed because of Islam. If Iran hadn’t raised the banner of Islam, we would have been oppressed so much, so many times. First the Europeans and the Americans have come to our area for the past three centuries and others. We have been occupied for the past three centuries by them, even Germany and France. The reason is because they’re afraid of Islam. They’re afraid because of the Revival of Islam in these countries. Our economy, our culture, our laws are becoming Islamic to reflect us. They’re afraid of us. There is enmity in the West because of Islam, and it’s in relying on Islam that we can survive and save ourselves.

Without Islam, we cannot reach anywhere. … The main war is between Islam and the West now. But in this world, Iran, Iraq and Syria cannot do it by themselves. We have to unite, including Muslims from Europe and the United States of America and also our own area. The Muslims of the world have to unite.

We have a need to form international hegemony against the rule of the West. We invited you to talk about coming together and being united against this oppression that has lasted for the past 300 years. It’s a unique opportunity. (It) put you on such difficult position. It’s a good opportunity. We think further than this and we want to reach an accord and unity with the Muslims in America and form an international campaign. We respect the Afro Americans in a very special way. We consider old Africans, especially African Americans, the heart of the Islamic Revolution.

When the students occupied the U.S. Embassy in this campaign which was done independently from the government, it had nothing to do with the government. Then the Imam Khomeini ordered, first of all, the Afro Americans should be released along with the women that were there. This signified and points to the fact the Afro Americans are with us, a part of us. The Imam was trying to say that by liberating the Afro Americans from the Embassy to show the world that we have no problem with these people.

We hope that as you have come, we can have more private sessions to discuss these same topics about closing in and uniting between us and yourself.

The second point goes to the situation with the Islamic world. Today, the world of Islam is in its most difficult circumstances. You know about what just happened in Myanmar. Myanmar, Syria, Africa, this hand of Shaitan is mutilating the Islamic world. You know about Nigeria, what just happened in Nigeria just recently, a few days ago. The Islamic world is in its most difficult situation. The Muslims are seeing the most, the worst oppressions. At the same time simultaneously, the great improvements in the world of Islam in America, Europe. After they put down Saddam Hussein, they began to take control of those countries of Islam. They couldn’t do that. They haven’t been able to succeed. They had to retreat. Yemen, Syria, they were fighting with what they had with interest.

We believe that within the next decade, this region will be liberated from the Americans. We believe that the same power, the power that you were talking about, is behind this. I don’t have time to tell you about the details of how the Americans defeated Iraq and Syria. There is no time to explain this. There’s a lot of intelligence of what the Americans intended to do in Syria and they were not successful.

This past few months in Iraq, some of these Iraqis got to go into Parliament and offered $1 million each so the Americans would (control) the Prime Minister of Iraq but they were not successful. Another group took over the power in Iraq. In Syria, it’s the same scenario. Yemen, the same scenario. There were a lot of intelligence of defeats of the Americans, and also the British. Recently, Israel was in Abu Dubai … the Israelis created a base in Abu Dubai. That’s how they’re controlling … they were managing that base. But an incident destroyed their whole plan.

Europe and America, England think they can manage the world. But they don’t know that the world is a mess as an owner. Inshallah, falsehood will always be destroyed. What is missed is truth and sincerity. With falsity and with firepower you cannot challenge God. God Almighty is more powerful than all of them and in the end is God and His campaign is victorious.

Inshallah this victory is close.

The third point is about Iran itself. You know that it’s forty years. It’s four decades that the Americans have created problems for us.

Remember the time with Saddam Hussein. It was with the help and the support of America. Before that there was a coup d’├ętat in Iraq. … Those that were caught in the coup d’├ętat they said that everything we did was by American directions—the terrorist attacks and different explosions just after the revolution. And, of course, you know about the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) which was agreed upon from the former President Obama and continues the policies of sanctions against us. But we are certain that we are going to defeat them Inshallah. …

The Americans have some people inside of the country and we know who they are. We are watching them. We are sure that Allah will help us and will put the sanctions behind us. We have difficulties, but we’ll get along. Between our Supreme Leader and the people there’s a good relationship. The people trust the Leader. Many in the Islamic world, people come with the help of the people in Iraq and Syria. They get martyred. They get injured in the war, the voluntary forces fighting with the occupiers. When we have people like that … volunteering in defending our country, we have a good relationship. We will resist these sanctions.

Trump is doing psychological war. He took aircraft carriers near North Korea but then he went and started talking with the North Korean leader. He lies. He also says a lot of rhetoric. We are very happy that we have met you. You’ll have a good time; your delegation will have a good time. You are our brothers, we love you and you are to be trusted.

(See next week’s edition of The Final Call Newspaper for the conclusion, Part 2, of this article.)