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Min. Farrakhan warns President Trump and U.S. government

Press and audience attend The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's Nov. 15 press conference at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Photos: Final X

WASHINGTON—In the ballroom of the historic Watergate Hotel, the building where a Black security guard named Frank Wills set off a chain of events which toppled Richard M. Nixon, the 37th president of the United States from office 45 years ago, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a warning to the sitting, 45th president, Donald J. Trump, to lead this country to “repent for all of the evils that America has done” to Black people, and to all “the peoples of the world.”

“Mr. President, you won’t make America great again, not in our time,” the Muslim leader said. “She became great killing Native Americans. She became great enslaving us, bringing us from Africa into America to work the cotton fields. You’re not going to get that opportunity back anymore.”

The Minister laid out how Mr. Trump is the last in a line of six presidents who have plotted the destruction of Black people. But, the Minister said, God has come to judge and destroy America for her past evils and current genocidal plots against Blacks. Congressional leaders and civil rights activists forced America to pass laws to improve the lives of Blacks, but those laws were undermined, eviscerated and made ineffective, he noted.

The political deception and double-dealing goes back to a political compromise in 1877 that put Republican Rutherford B. Hayes in the White House, but removed federal troops from the South and left Blacks at the mercy of hardhearted Whites.

President Donald Trump.

You love this nation; you suffered every indignity to make America better,” Min. Farrakhan said. But freedom, justice and equality were never achieved. The time for appealing to America is over, he said. America owes Blacks trillions of dollars and a separate state or territory, said the Minister. “So just like you pushed the Palestinians out to give the Jews a homeland—and we are the real ones: Push some of your own people out. And we’ll take eight states.”

“Let me tell you something: If you don’t give justice to us, you will lose everything you’ve got, including your life, because God, now, said He is ready to fight you for our deliverance. And he told me to tell you: You don’t have no fight against the forces of nature,” Min. Farrakhan cautioned President Trump. The Minister has consistently warned disasters striking America are not happenstance, but the divine Supreme Being’s direct intervention and chastisement.

“So now, the ball is in the court of Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump, you met with your Joint Chiefs of Staff in August, and in early September. You had your generals at Camp David. They weren’t talking about taxes—you don’t use generals to talk about taxes. You were planning a war, sir.”

The root of the revelation was a vision-like experience in 1985 when the Minister was taken to the Mother Wheel, a man-made plane that is a half-mile by a half-mile and fulfills the prophecy of Ezekiel’s Wheel in the bible and is commonly referred to as a UFO. In the experience, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke to Min. Farrakhan through a speaker system. Minister heard a cryptic message from his teacher, who said: The president and his Joint Chiefs of Staff have met to plan a war.

hem_quote_11-28-2017.jpgIt later became clear to the Minister that the war was on two fronts, a war against Islamic countries abroad and the tiny Nation of Islam at home. Under Ronald Reagan, the plot manifested in the bombing of Libya, but every president from Richard M. Nixon to Mr. Trump has plotted against Blacks and Islam, Mr. Farrakhan said.
“Ronald Reagan wanted to kill Gadhafi,” said the Minister, speaking of the 1986 U.S. bombing of Libya. “The next thing I knew, an American plane was shot down, and one of those fine aircraft carriers, that Mr. Trump brought over to Asia, was in the Gulf of Sirte—but something happened to it. By the time I got to Saudi Arabia, it came out in the Arab news that there was ‘a bright object over the Mediterranean.’ … And I said to those with me; I said, ‘The Wheel was there.’ The electronic equipment on the aircraft carrier was messed up, so it had to go back to Florida.”

“Reagan was doing ‘war games’ in California; when he became president, he brought all that stuff with him into the White House … and the war games were practiced even moreso, because they expected (urban revolts) since ‘67 and ’68, when the riots broke out and Dr. King was assassinated,” Min. Farrakhan observed.

Min. Farrakhan addresses the U.S. government at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Photos: Andrea Muhammad

“The government of America knew that the Black youth were dangerous, Black folk were becoming more militant, and instead of seeing that there has to be a solution, let’s separate the two people,” he said. Despite four decades of warnings, letters to past presidents, and major 1984 and 1988 press conferences offering separation as an answer, the divine solution offered by Nation of Islam patriarch Elijah Muhammad has been rejected and American presidents and American institutions have targeted Blacks. President Nixon labeled the Left, anti-war groups and Blacks as his enemy. President George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush went to war with the Muslim world. “Did you know that after 9/11, Wesley Clarke, a general, talked about seeing a memo 10 years earlier, out of the Pentagon? …

They were going to take down seven Muslim countries in five years, ending with a war on Iran. So the ‘[Arab] Spring’ came, and you saw, like dominoes, members of the Muslim world falling,” he noted. The assault on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001 was a false-flag operation designed to heal to a bitterly divided nation after the Bush-Gore presidential election, said Min. Farrakhan.

Independent press and audience at Nov. 15 press conference in Washington, D.C.

Bill Clinton, who was called “the first Black president,” did great harm to Blacks, said the Minister. The Clinton administration cut welfare and social safety net programs and oversaw the largest increase in federal and state prison inmates of any president in history. Black men were overwhelmingly jailed because of the Clinton 1994 crime bill and his prison policies. The Minister also distributed 500 copies of Dr. Wesley Muhammad’s book, “Understanding the Assault on The Black Man, Black Manhood and Black Masculinity,” which details efforts to destroy the Black male.

Now comes Mr. Trump, who follows Barack Obama and his unsuccessful attempts to make America better, Min. Farrakhan said. Mr. Trump is an “anomaly” who refuses to act “presidential” and whose election has exposed the ugly, ugly side of U.S. race relations and an unrepentant militaristic world view.

Presidential wars against Islam

Media Press kits at Min. Farrakhan’s Nov. 15 press conference. Photo: Jesse Muhammad
“Mr. President, you’re going to have to deal with either the thought that’s in your mind that will destroy America and her future; because once the trigger of war is pulled, it will escalate,” warned Min. Farrakhan. “Now, I’m going to tell you what my teacher told me: You have planned a war. The war that you have planned, you and your generals, is to the Middle East—you want to use the Sunni, at the prodding of Israel, to attack Iran,” said Min. Farrakhan.
The president in his first visit to a foreign nation touted a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia in May and rallied 50 Sunni, Arab nations to confront Iran and her Shia allies. Several news outlets, including the UK-based Daily Mail, reported in mid-November that the king of Saudi Arabia will step down and appoint his son, 32-year-old Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, as his successor. It has been reported that the crown prince made a covert trip to Israel and wants to partner with Israel in a fight against Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, the government in Tehran and possibly have Israel enter the fray in Syria.

None of those developments or possible developments bode well for peace in the Middle East as the U.S. is reluctant to engage China militarily and wary of nuclear weapons in North Korea.

The Moretti Ballroom at the Watergate Hotel was filled with 500 seats taken, news video cameras in the rear with international, national, Black and independent media covering the press conference. National, political, civil rights, activists and local religious leaders, and student representatives were in the audience alongside international guests, Nation of Islam national and regional laborers, student ministers, Believers, and supporters.

With the president facing severe opposition, widespread criticism and a divided party, the Watergate was a striking place from the message to emanate as there are calls for Mr. Trump to be impeached.

Moretti ballroom, reserved for guests, supporters and members of Minister Farrakhan’s family, was filled to capacity. Photo: Andrea Muhammad

The press conference, covered by the Farrakhan Twitter Army, trended on social media as a leading topic. Min. Farrakhan candidly stated that as the FBI seeks to target Black Identity Extremists and separatists, there is no doubt that he and the Nation are in the government’s crosshairs. But, he said, the enemy will not be successful in killing him. I will escape their death plots as did my teacher, he said.

There was controversy when the Minister wanted to display huge book covers for “The Secret Relationship Blacks and Jews,” and “Understanding the Assault on The Black Man, Black Manhood and Black Masculinity.” The Jewish owners of the hotel objected. Min. Farrakhan defended the books, saying “The Secret Relationship” is composed of work by Jewish scholars and rabbis. There are good, righteous Jews who want to follow the law of God, said the Minister. But, he pointed out, other Jews act like it is a sin to scrutinize Jewish behavior. How can you be better if actions that are contrary to God are not pointed out so that you can be better? Min. Farrakhan asked.

The real Jesus 
Minister Farrakhan carefully explained the theological foundation of the Nation of Islam’s message, explaining why Muslims are taught to reject the false image of Jesus as a Caucasian man. “We have to escape the tyranny of White supremacy that is embodied in an image of Jesus that is not Jesus,” he said.

The historical Jesus was not White but if it makes no difference why did Caucasians change his race? asked Min. Farrakhan.

The Muslim leader stressed the reason he teaches so emphatically about the true identity of Jesus is because he knows who Jesus is. The Jesus you have been looking for was raised among Black people and is the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Min. Farrakhan said. “That man (Elijah Muhammad) is on The Wheel with his Teacher. He’s been up there now for 42 years; he said that God studied 42 years to deliver us from the hands of our tormentors.”

It was the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, who escaped a death plot, who spoke to me, disclosed the plans of the presidents for war against Islam and the Nation from the Mother Wheel and whose words have guided the last 32 years of my work, said the Minister. I have one more thing to do to return to the Wheel and see my teacher face-to-face, the Minister boldly stated.

“For 40 years I have labored in this vineyard in the absence of my teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. His work among us for 40 years is unparalleled in the work of reform of the Black man and woman, bringing us from the savage state of existence that we were placed in by our former slave masters and their children,” he said.

Many Nation of Islam members and supporters in attendance frequently interrupted the remarks with cheers and standing ovations.

“Now those of you who are in love with Jesus Christ, I want you to know that a Black man from Georgia was raised from a dead state: Elijah Muhammad. And you tried to kill him, and you thought you had succeeded. That’s why when I was taken up on The Wheel, he said: ‘Make known to them their plans, and tell them you got it from me, Elijah Muhammad, on The Wheel.’ What was he asking me, pardon me, ordering me to tell you that for? So you would know that he escaped your plot to kill him,” the Minister said.

From The Final Call Newspaper

Dirty politics, disrespect and voters: What's next for Democrats and Black America?

By Charlene Muhammad, Barrington Salmon And Nisa Islam Muhammad | Last updated: Nov 7, 2017 - 1:50:27 PM

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Donna Brazile, former vice chair of the Democratic National Committee and serving as interim chair until November, speaks on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, July 25, 2016. Photo: AP/Wide World photos

WASHINGTON—The latest crisis for the Democratic Party, sparked by former party interim chair Donna Brazile’s new tell-all book, harkens back to historical mistreatment by an entity that pretends to be a friend of Blacks, several analysts and activists said.

In “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House,” Ms. Brazile speaks of feeling like she was treated as a slave, not being allowed to spend money she raised to do her job, and how she considered replacing Democrat Hillary Clinton with former Vice President Joe Biden after Ms. Clinton fainted on the presidential campaign trail.

Ms. Brazile has been met with attacks from within her party, some, including Blacks, telling her to shut up, to which she replied, “Go to hell.”

Revelations by DNC strategist Brazile may have startled some but many were not surprised, including Lauren Victoria Burke, who writes about Congress and politics from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. She is the managing editor for POLITIC365.COM.

“It’s strange that she’s getting attacked for things people say in the background all the time about the DNC. The DNC is becoming irrelevant. People are starting their own campaigns, similar to what Barak Obama did with Obama for America. He knew the DNC favored Hillary Clinton and wanted to elect her,” said Ms. Burke. “What she (Donna Brazile) is saying is the type of thing that many have said for a long time about the DNC.”

Former Ohio state senator Nina Turner told CNN Nov. 3, that Ms. Brazile’s remarks are indicative of a crisis in Washington. “The fact that you have someone like Donna Brazile, who was the first African American woman to run a national campaign, a presidential campaign … ran Vice President Al Gore‘s campaign, 30-year relationship with the DNC and also the Clintons, and whether people agree with what she has done professionally in her life at certain points, the fact that she is pointing this out means that this is serious and that there is absolutely a crisis in the city,” said the former supporter of  Sen.  Bernie Sanders, who lost the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination to Mrs. Clinton. She lost the presidential race to Republican Donald J. Trump.

‘I’m not Patsy, the slave’
The book, and an excerpt published on, revealed how the Clinton campaign raised money for a broke DNC and exerted control over spending, staffing and important decisions during the presidential primary. Opponent Sanders raised no money and had no such controls over the party.
Ms. Brazile details a crisis in the DNC that pitted her against Clinton campaign officials. In one fiery conference call, heaped with disrespect for her position as the DNC chair, Ms. Brazile told three senior campaign officials, Charlie Baker, Marlon Marshall and Dennis Cheng, that they were treating her like a slave.

“I’m not Patsy the slave,” Ms. Brazile recalls telling them, a reference to the character played by Lupita Nyong’o in the film “12 Years a Slave.” “Y’all keep whipping me and whipping me and you never give me any money or any way to do my damn job. I am not going to be your whipping girl!”
“The question of this book’s contents is what does it imply for the Democratic Party in the future and what role Black people will play?” said longtime labor union activist Dwight Kirk. “Donna’s comments are consistent with what I’m seeing, which is disengagement of Blacks from the Democratic Party. She expressed betrayal with how the Democratic Party treated her. They thought that she was a loyal party operative and would just go along with the program. They were wrong.”

Mr. Kirk, a member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, agreed that the Democratic Party has fallen short of putting action behind its words.
“The Democratic Party has squandered opportunities that has put Black people at bay,” he said. “(Democratic Pollster Cornell) Belcher said that Black people were given short shrift with promised jobs within the campaign. And potential Black voters are not targeted properly because the party is trying to capture the angry White male vote versus that of Blacks and other constituencies.”

“This Brazile thing to me is a distancing, disjointed thing going down with the party and Black folks.  What direction will the party take? Will it mobilize voters, turn out Black candidates or try to win back White blue-collar voters? If they not dealing with criminal justice, inequality and police brutality, they’ll fall short in attracting Black voter support.”

Mr. Kirk argues that continued exclusion, White privilege and inequality—if unchecked, will impede the Democratic Party’s efforts to become more relevant to a voter base that is becoming browner and younger, very different from the party of the past 50 years.

 There was concern among Democratic establishment circles of the timing of the book and its impact on Nov. 6 elections in Virginia and New Jersey.

“The timing couldn’t have been worse. It does us no good to hash out all this stuff,” former DNC chairman and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell told Politico of the financial arrangement at the center of Ms. Brazile’s recounting. “At this point, we should be looking to the future—what’s done is done,” he said. “There was no crime committed, but it would’ve been easy to avoid. [So] I don’t think it was rigged, I think what the DNC did was just awful.”

Trying to save the DNC?
Ms. Brazile said she promised Sen. Sanders that when she took over at the Democratic National Committee after the convention, that she “would get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
She said she found an organization in shambles because of the neglect of disgraced former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz and then-President Barack Obama and the financial shenanigans by the Clinton campaign “that were keeping the party on life support.”

The Clinton campaign, she said, as leaked emails revealed, “was grabbing money from the state parties for its own purposes, leaving the states with very little to support down-ballot races.”

This weakness is what has hobbled Democrats, said Bill Fletcher, Jr., a racial justice, labor and international activist and writer.

“We need a shift of thinking on statewide strategies,” he said. “We have to look at these strategies more seriously. (Democrats) and many progressives have really ignored these elections but most of the damage is being done at the state level.”

Mr. Fletcher argues that Blacks need not abstain from electoral politics, but need to adopt a more confrontational yet strategic posture. “Every time that we get upset with White progressives or liberals, all we have to do is look at history for the patterns that have played out,” he explained.

“There’s always been uneasiness. There have been points of moments of tremendous unity and the 1890s where there was complete splintering. It’s not if Democrats treat (Black people) well. We also have to understand as Frederick Douglass said, that power concedes nothing without a struggle. We can’t get anything from Democrats by kneeling or complaining. Winning means we need allies. It’s a question of if we want to win or merely register a protest. What we need to do is build alliances and win and push the party to its limits. I think a lot of us have gone on and not thought about winning but are inclined to accept glorious defeat.”

Self first instead of plantation politics?
Dr. Ava Muhammad, national spokesperson for Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, holds an opposite view from Mr. Fletcher, arguing that neither Republicans nor Democrats are serious about integrating Blacks into the fabric of their parties.

“I don’t see a place for Black people in the Democratic Party,” the author, lawyer and talk-show host asserted. “A third party is absolutely needed. We’re dealing with effect not cause. It’s the effect of pre-existing cause which is the distribution of wealth and resources. Financial, educational and political institutions set up while we were still picking cotton. Closing the gap within these institutions is not feasible.”

“We cannot vote our way into equality. Black people were congressmen, governors, mayors, and the ultimate prize—president of the United States. President Obama was brilliant, and he emerged from two terms unscathed, untouched by scandal but substantively, as a people, we have not made progress. We need to be about Self. Self-identity leads to economic strength, which leads to political power. It begins with self-identity.”

“Black people have always known that they got short shrift from the Democratic Party. Black people have always known that the Democratic Party is the party of Rahm Emanuel, the party of endless Israeli wars, and if anyone chose to speak up for the U.S. interests, they were slapped to the curve and eventually out of the Congress,” said human rights advocate Cynthia McKinney. “That’s what happened to me, but, that is the position of the Democratic Party.”
Cynthia McKinney

Ms. McKinney is a former U.S. congresswoman. She told The Final Call Ms. Brazile hasn’t told the whole story, and is repeating what the former Georgia lawmaker stated years ago. She spoke with The Final Call in a phone interview from Iraq.
Notwithstanding the fact it’s way too late, and criminal conduct was engaged in, and more details exist, it’s good Ms. Brazile spoke up, but it’s nothing new, argued Ms. McKinney. Ms. Brazile has said Clinton’s control of the DNC was unfair but no crimes were committed.

The Democratic Party savior could not have Senator Sanders, because he supported many of the Israeli wars, said Ms. McKinney. The long-time Independent Party politician from Vermont failed to beat Ms. Clinton in the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primary.

“This is not change! This is at best face change. It is not regime change, and the Democratic Party needs regime change,” Ms. McKinney added. Barack Obama was face change, but still, too many Blacks do not understand the difference between the two, she said. “They don’t understand the difference between being a slave and being free and dying for your freedom.  They don’t understand that yet, and so Barack Obama represents just a different face of the same plantation.”

Dr. Gerald Horne, Moore’s chair of History and African American Culture at the University of Houston, said, “On the one hand the concerns of Donna Brazil resonated with me in terms of being treated like a slave—those are her words by the way—in terms of the general atmosphere of racism that she had to confront at the highest levels of the Democratic Party.”

While it dovetails with what he already knew or suspected, the revelations may be too little too late, Dr. Horne continued. “It may be an attempt to provide juicy headlines to sell a book,” he said.

“The Democratic Party has a fundamental contradiction that many do not want to confront. On the one hand, it is a representative of big business and bosses; and on the other hand, it seeks to speak for those who work for big business and bosses, particularly the Black community. So the Democratic Party is trying to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds,” Dr. Horne argued. “It’s trying to be all things to all people or to most people, and inevitably, that leads to rifts.  Inevitably, that leads to convulsions.  Inevitably, that leads to tell- all books that, apparently, Donna Brazile has written.”

Part of the dilemma is many feel there are no alternatives to the Democratic Party except Donald Trump and the Republican Party and they say Democratic unity must prevail. Dr. Horne and others warn Democrats not to take the Black vote for granted.  “That, I think, would be a fatal error,” Dr. Horne stated. While Democrat Hillary Clinton received Black support, she won fewer votes than Mr. Obama and failed to energize Black voters.

Dr. Melina Abdullah, chair of the Pan-African Studies Department at California State University Los Angeles, and organizer with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, said Ms. Brazile shows again why Blacks need to critically probe their relationship with the Democratic Party. 
“We need to recognize that both major parties represent White supremacist capitalism, and neither really advance Black Liberation,” she told The Final Call.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t buy into Democratic Party politics, and certainly has not been part of the Republican regime, she said. The educator urged Blacks to consider third parties, and ways they can engage in public policy reform outside of traditional politics.

“I think it’s really important that we understand the limitations of electoral politics, that you’re never going to vote yourself into freedom, and so it doesn’t mean that we don’t vote, but it means that we can’t rely primarily on voting as our primary liberation struggle,” Dr. Abdullah said.

In a letter published November 4 on Medium by Jesse Ferguson, Democratic strategist and former press secretary, 100 Hillary Clinton aides expressed shock that Ms. Brazile considered replacing Ms. Clinton and her running mate Tim McCain. Voices 4 Hillary dubbed the book “Brazile fiction,” saying they “do not recognize the campaign she portrays in the book.”

Jasmyne Cannick, Los Angeles-based political consultant and media commentator, warned against Democrats going too hard against a party stalwart. “Ms. Brazile is a highly respected Black woman. The DNC’s relationship with Blacks in America—who by and large still continue to vote Democrat—is rocky at best.  Going after and defaming Donna Brazile to try and save face in light of these truths coming out will not bode well for the Party—and they know that,” she said.

“Basically the Democratic Party is yet to change, so they will always be treated as an afterthought, as a transaction,” predicted Ms. McKinney  “Let’s spend $24 million on election day and make sure the Black community is flushed with money on one day, but let’s not give them any public policy. … That’s what the Democratic Party does,” she said.

Ms. McKinney likened the Black predicament politically to a toddler. “If we are not at that stage and we are still looking to mama to put us up on her shoulders, and that means the Democratic Party, then we will never ever walk on our own two feet,” she said. Ms. McKinney, who was critical of Democratic policies while in Congress, served as a Democrat.