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Pentagon official admits to existence of ‘mothership’ that releases ‘small probes’

By Anisah Muhammad, Contributing Writer
- March 21, 2023

When referring to “unidentified flying objects” (UFOs) or “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP), American scholars and officials within the American government are getting closer and closer to the language first brought to the public by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Eternal Leader of the Nation of Islam.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught of the objects as early as the 1930s, before they were on the American government’s radar. He identified a “Mother Plane” or “Mother Wheel” that carried within her 1,500 smaller wheels, or “baby planes.”

“Master Fard Muhammad came to us from the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia. He pointed out to me a dreadful looking Plane a half-a-mile by a half-a-mile. It was made after the universe, of spheres: ‘wheels within wheels,’” according to early writings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

In similar language coming over 90 years later, Dr. Abraham “Avi” Loeb, an astrophysicist and head of Harvard University’s Galileo Project, and Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (A.A.R.O.), noted in a draft version of a research report: “A multitude of tiny devices can be released from a mothership that passes near Earth."

The report, titled “Physical Constraints on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” was published on March 7. In it, Mr. Loeb and Mr. Kirkpatrick write on “the possibility that an artificial interstellar object could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth, an operational construct not too dissimilar from NASA missions.”

They refer to those “probes” as “dandelion seeds” that “could be separated from the parent craft” by either the gravitational force of the sun or by a maneuvering capability. With proper design, the tiny probes would reach the earth or other planets “as the parent craft passes by within a fraction of the Earth-Sun separation,” they write.

“Astronomers would not be able to notice the spray of mini-probes because they do not reflect enough sunlight for existing survey telescopes to notice them,” they add.

Their words are in line with what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught of the Mother Plane and the baby planes. On page 242 of his book, “The Fall of America,” the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes on the “evasive and elusive power” of The Wheel. “The Mother Plane can hide behind other stars and make herself invisible to the eye because she does not have to wait on a power from the earth. She can produce her own power to go wherever she desires to go in space,” he writes.

Mr. Loeb and Mr. Kirkpatrick also talk of the “probes” being able to recharge or refuel via the earth’s atmosphere.

Indeed, on page 237 of the same book, “The Fall of America,” the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes, “Allah (God) Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, [He] taught me that after six months to a year, the Mother Plane comes into the gravity of the earth. It takes on oxygen and hydrogen in order to permit it to stay out of the earth’s gravity until it needs refueling again.”

And in a Muhammad Speaks article, titled “O’ Wheel: Mother of Planes,” published on September 7, 1973, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes, “THE WHEEL is capable of sitting up above earth’s atmosphere for a whole year before coming down into earth’s atmosphere to take on more oxygen and hydrogen for the crew who are on this [Mother] Plane.”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his chief student, has taught on his teacher’s words for decades, constantly warning America and her people of the wheel-like objects sitting above their heads.

Memphis-based Student Minister Ilia Rashad Muhammad, author of the book “UFOs And The Nation Of Islam: The Source, Proof, And Reality Of The Wheels,” noted to The Final Call that the admissions from the Pentagon “simply confirm what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Honorable Minister Farrakhan (and) the Nation of Islam have been teaching all this time.”

“It is ironically strange that even the terminology of ‘mothership’ that is being used, that nomenclature is inherent to the Nation of Islam. And nobody from the Pentagon, to the White House, on down to the local news stations, want to give credit to the source of this phenomena that has baffled their world,” he stated.

“I say it all the time, in the Nation of Islam, we don’t approach this subject of so-called UFOs as speculators, nor do we approach this subject as theorists. Rather, we are those who represent an authoritative voice on this subject, because it was us who introduced this topic and this reality to the world.”

Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, stated boldly during the Nation of Islam’s weekly mosque meeting at Mosque Maryam in Chicago on March 12, “God brings proof. God brings evidence.”

“Now, they are admitting, but God is forcing them to admit, because He’s making His city in the sky show up,” he said.

He quoted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in saying that one day, the American people would turn on their televisions and radios and they would say, “Elijah Muhammad told me the truth.”

A United States Coast Guard photographer, Shell R. Alpert, took a photograph that allegedly shows unidentified flying objects flying in a “V” formation at the Salem, Massachusetts, air station at 9:35 a.m. on 16 July 1952, through a window screen. (Official U.S. Coast Guard photograph: 5554. Library of Congress Control Number: 2007680837)

“Now it’s all coming. They know that there is a larger plane, out of which comes these smaller objects. Look how God proves His man. So anyone that has doubts, now He makes the enemy acknowledge, not in secret, not on just some website on the internet, no. Mainstream,” he said.

He described the pilots of the wheels as friends of Black people. “That is a part of the power that backs not only Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, but the Honorable Elijah Muhmmad said our people need to know the power that backs them. So all of those wheel-like objects, those are your brothers. They are your friends,” he said.

Student Minister Ilia Rashad Muhammad called those who are making the recent admissions “hypocrites” for their failure to credit the Nation of Islam.

“It is no coincidence that the government is making these admissions, and it’s also no coincidence that they are deliberately leaving out the Nation of Islam. That’s the hypocritical part of this,” he said. “It is one thing to admit that these planes exist. That’s easy, because all the data shows that these planes exist. That’s nothing that they should be applauded for. We can applaud when they admit that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Farrakhan have been right and exact this entire time.”

The recent admissions come after a flurry of activity in America’s political arena concerning the topic of “UAP.” In February, 14 senators sent a letter to Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks and Deputy Director of National Intelligence Stacey Dixon pushing for full funding of the AARO, the newly established office to track “unidentified objects.” Funding would allow the office to “resolve threats and hazards to the U.S., while also offering increased transparency to the American people and reducing the stigma,” the lawmakers wrote.

This image made from video shows unidentified flying objects in the skies over southern Campeche state filmed by Mexican Air Force pilots on March 5, 2004, according to a Defense Department spokesman. A series of brightly lit, rapidly moving objects filmed in the skies over Mexico could have been caused by a scientific phenomenon involving gases in the atmosphere, a scientist said Thursday, May 13, 2004. (AP Photo)

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us years ago about their purpose, and their purpose for these types of funding was to try to set up some type of base, whether it was a base on the moon or in space somewhere, so that they can try to track and monitor and even try to make a move on the Wheel,” Student Minister Ilia Rashad Muhammad explained. “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad also stated that that would be suicide for America, or White powers, to do so.”

On page 237 of “The Fall of America,” the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes of the White scientists, “They want to attack and destroy it (the Mother Plane); but if a plane did get close enough to attempt to carry out this purpose, it would be destroyed instead. The White man has learned that this is not a plane to be played with. Planes come out of the Mother Plane.”

“If the government is truly concerned about the truth of UFO disclosure, then they should fund and seek out those of us who know what these claims are, which is the Nation of Islam,” Student Minister Ilia Rashad Muhammad stated.

He recently released the first episode of a five to 10-episode documentary series titled, “Answered.” He said the purpose of the documentary is to “give solid answers as to what these planes are, the power behind it, the purpose, the intent.”

The first episode is a prelude that gives an introductory overview of the reality of the wheels.

“Even though we didn’t even attempt to get very deep into the first episode, many have suggested that even with the first episode, the information is so clear that it still leaves no room for argument and opposition,” he said.

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Defending Farrakhan – Post-Saviours’ Day program refutes the claims of the Synagogue of Satan

By Anisah Muhammad, Contributing Writer- March 14, 2023

During his keynote address at the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day 2023 convention, titled “The War of Armageddon Has Begun,” the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan addressed his controversy with members of the Jewish community, making a clear distinction between Jews who follow the Talmud and Jews who follow the Torah.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan flanked by his sons Joshua Farrakhan, on far left and Student Supreme Captain Mustapha Farrakhan at the Wintrust Arena on Feb. 26 for Saviours’ Day. Photo: Jabril Muhammad

Members of the Nation of Islam Executive Shura Council defended Minister Farrakhan’s Feb. 26 message on the following Sunday, March 5, in a presentation themed, “You Are My Witness: Post Saviours’ Day Reactions and Reflections.” A trio of powerhouse Nation of Islam Student Ministers took to the witness stand at Mosque Maryam in Chicago and presented documented evidence, confirmation, and examples from scriptures, history and current events that verified and bore witness to Minister Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day message.

In their presentations, Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad, an author, researcher and Ph.D. in Islamic Studies; Student Minister Abdul Arif Muhammad, the Nation of Islam’s General Counsel; and Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, National Assistant to Min. Farrakhan, defended their teacher against the false and baseless claims that he is anti-Semitic.

A Messianic controversy

Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad described Saviours’ Day 2023 as a “watershed moment” in the history of Black America and the world. The day marked 39 years since 1984, when Min. Farrakhan mounted the rostrum to defend Reverend Jesse Jackson, who was met with hostility, hate and vitriol from members of the Jewish community during his 1984 presidential run.

“It is now clear that Allah (God) was at the root of Reverend Jackson’s presidential campaign. Allah inspired Reverend Jackson to run, and Allah inspired Reverend Jackson to ask his brother for help, because Allah knew that His servant, Minister Farrakhan, would not deny his brother’s request.

But it was never in the divine cause for Reverend Jackson to be the first Black president,” Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad argued. “Allah, rather, intended Reverend Jackson’s presidential run to launch the messianic phase of the work of the Honorable Brother Minister Farrakhan.”

(L-R) Student Minister Abdul Arif Muhammad, Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad – Photos: Haroon Rajaee

He stated how that occasion fulfilled scripture concerning the “messianic controversy with the Synagogue of Satan” by bringing “Jesus,” or Minister Farrakhan, and the Jews together. As a result of that moment 39 years ago, the Minister was tagged “a new Hitler,” and he has been under attack since.

Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad explained that as a modern messianic figure, the Minister’s name, “Farrakhan,” given to him by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is itself a modern, up-to-date name of God.

“Farrakhan was enthroned Sunday in royal garments, his suit threaded with 24-karat gold and platinum, as is only appropriate for the Messiah,” he said.

During the Saviours’ Day keynote, Minister Farrakhan outlined why the War of Armageddon has begun. Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad analyzed that “it is fundamentally a war between the Nation of Islam and the Synagogue of Satan, a war that will eventually engulf the whole world and its militaries.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has been one of the organizations frequently waging cyber warfare against Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad charged those within the organization with “hiding behind the disguise of a Semite, which you are not and which your people never were.”

The screen displays samples of dossiers the ADL did on Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam over the course of roughly 12 years. Photo: Haroon Rajaee

He described their charge against Minister Farrakhan as “false” and “inapplicable.”

“It is a fact that the original speakers of the so-called Semitic languages and carriers of the Semitic cultures were Black Arabians and Black Africans,” he stated. But he went one step further by telling the audience: “Stop going around saying that your Black identity is as the true Semite. Long before there was a Shem, you were Black!”

“Your Blackness comes from the triple darkness of space, out of which Allah emerged a long 78 trillion years ago. Your true identity isn’t Semite. Your true identity is God!” he added.


Student Minister Arif Muhammad, an attorney, opened his presentation on the birth and ministry of Jesus. He quoted scripture on Jesus being made a messenger to the Children of Israel.

“This is why these Satanic Jews are angry, because for decades now the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been saying we are that people; we are the true Children of Israel that God is going to raise,” he said.

He then mentioned the various plans and plots against Minister Farrakhan since the 1980s. Student Minister Arif Muhammad pointed out that the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have been at the forefront when it comes to spewing these baseless and false claims against Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

“As you heard the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan say, the Synagogue of Satan is not a spook. It is men and women who are highly intelligent. They know the truth, but then they are able to deceive you in that truth so that when the man comes that is to expose them, he would be covered up,” Student Minister Arif Muhammad said.

He reminded the audience of the actions of F.B.I. director J. Edgar Hoover. In his efforts to prevent the rise of a Black Messiah, Mr. Hoover launched the counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) in the 1960s, which targeted Black leaders and organizations, including the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.

Student Minister Arif Muhammad showcased numerous dossiers that the ADL did on Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam over the course of about 12 years. Though the average page length of the dossiers was 25 pages, some had up to and over 50 pages.

“These dossiers are F.B.I.-inspired, COINTELPRO documents that the Anti-Defamation League did for the F.B.I.,” Student Minister Arif Muhammad shared.

In his Saviours’ Day message, Minister Farrakhan talked about the stranglehold that the Satanic Jews have on the U.S. government. Student Minister Arif Muhammad presented evidence to prove the Minister’s point: a letter, signed December 5, 2022, addressed to President Joe Biden signed by 125 Senators and U.S. Representatives asking for an interagency task force to combat anti-Semitism.

Within two days, the White House convened an anti-Semitism roundtable. Five days after that, the White House announced that it was establishing an interagency group whose first order of business would be to “develop a national strategy to combat anti-Semitism.”

“What are you looking at? You’re looking at Satan muscling the forces of government to try to come against the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,” Student Minister Arif Muhammad argued.

Members of the Nation of Islam targeted by the ADL. Photo: Haroon Rajaee

This is about a Nation

Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad concluded the trio of presentations. He lifted Matthew 5:11-12 from the Bible which reads: “Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in Heaven; for so persecuted they the prophets who were before you.”

“This is beyond one man. This is now about a Nation, and it’s about Lazarus that was raised from the dead. When Lazarus was raised from the dead, those that say they are Jews, the high priests, they targeted both Jesus and Lazarus,” Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad said. “And they planned the death of both Lazarus and Jesus because Lazarus was the witness of Jesus.”

He described Lazarus as the “greatest demonstration of the presence of God,” which called forth the plan of the Jews to kill Lazarus.

The work of Min. Farrakhan and his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, is to resurrect “Lazarus,” or the dead Black man and woman of North America. Minister Farrakhan’s enemies, comprised of the Synagogue of Satan, are those who oppose the raising up of Black people. 

Monitor displays biblical reference during a post-Saviours’ Day presentation at Mosque Maryam held March 6. Photo: Haroon Rajaee

During Saviours’ Day, the Minister quoted Revelation 2:9: “I know thy works and tribulation and poverty (but thou art rich), and I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”

“The term ‘synagogue’ means ‘a place of assembly.’ The term ‘synagogue’ from the Greek means ‘to bring together.’ So the Synagogue of Satan is an assembly of Satanic men, and it’s not exclusive to those who say they are Jews but are not, but it’s made up of both Jew and Gentile, Black and White, Asian and others, but the principle members of the Synagogue of Satan are those who say they are Jews but are not,” Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad explained.

He argued that the Synagogue of Satan has been around for a long time. In the time of Jesus, it was comprised of the high priests, or rabbis, the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the scribes.

“The Synagogue of Satan takes on different names, different organizations, different groups, and once the light or attention is shown on one, well they just dismantle it and pop up over here,” he said. “The Synagogue of Satan is a shadow government. They are an unseen, Satanic, wicked force that operate in the dark but make you see what you see, hear what you hear. The governments are puppets on a string,” added Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad.

Despite almost 40 years of going toe-to-toe with the rulers of darkness, the spiritually wicked in high places and the Satanic Jews plotting his death, Minister Farrakhan has stood strong on truth.

“What makes Farrakhan talk the way he talks, walk the way he walks?” Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad questioned. “He talks the way he talks because God is with him!”

The N.O.I. Executive Shura Council invited the audience to send questions and comments via the social media hashtag #PostSD2023. 

Deryl Muhammd (@derylmuhammad) tweeted, “THLF has since 1984 withstood the most vicious character assassination of any man by Jewish powerful persons but here he stands and we the NOI stand.”

Mariah X (@mj_sheek) tweeted, “I’m just so full! I’m so in love with my Nation. So in love with this work. Thankful to Allah for depositing in me, that I could recognize the voice of God when I heard it. There is NO better safe place for our people than the MIGHTY Nation of Islam.”

Waliyyah Muhammad bore witness to the Executive Shura Council’s defense of Minister Farrakhan. “Praise Allah! Excellent defense and bearing of witness of @ The Honorable Minister #Farrakhan. Love it!! Thank you Executive Council for this,” she tweeted under the username @Alisa0308.

Gena Muhammad (@SisterGena) also expressed her love and appreciation. “I LOVE @LouisFarrakhan I was SO very Happy to hear him speak last Sunday WHAT A Blessing His Love for US is SO STRONG most can’t see it or know how to accept it I say ACCEPT IT BY DOING THE WORK! FOLLOW HIS LEAD & GO GET THE PEOPLE PRAY! EAT WELL! & THINK ON ALLAH!” she tweeted.

On March 12, Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad returned to the rostrum and delivered a message titled, “Armageddon: Post Saviours’ Day Reactions and Reflections,” which further bore witness to the guidance delivered by Minister Farrakhan. At the conclusion of the program, Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad was joined by Student Minister Abdul Arif Muhammad and they answered questions received from social media about Minister Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day message.

To view Minister Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day 2023 message and the post-Saviours’ Day presentations in their entirety, visit

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World events bear witness to God’s Divinely Guided Servant

- March 7, 2023

“Why must there be a War of Armageddon? Because evil is spreading far and wide. The God of Righteousness is upset! He is tired of the wickedness, the iniquity of the people, and He is tired of the wickedness of Satan.” —The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Exposing the Synagogue of Satan, and a call to truth, freedom, universal change, and either living the Will of God or perishing was made by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam during his recent Saviours’ Day address at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

Saviours’ Day commemorates the birth of Allah (God) in Person, the Great Mahdi, Master W. Fard Muhammad, the founder of the Nation of Islam, born on February 26, 1877, in the holy city of Mecca, Arabia.

The long-anticipated address, titled “The War of Armageddon has Begun,” was delivered at a time of distress and an intensifying universal cry for justice and answers to the grim state of world affairs. The message demonstrated that Minister Farrakhan is the voice of God to suffering humanity and the errant world in need of being guided to a straight path.

He is the National Representative of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad—the Messiah, Exalted Christ and Eternal Leader of the Nation of Islam.

“I offered God my life, and He has made me the mouth of my teacher,” said Minister Farrakhan.

The Muslim leader who has been on the battlefield for God and his teacher for 68 years spoke on Feb. 26 to a capacity audience of 10,000 people present and viewed by tens of thousands more worldwide through foreign translators via social media.

For many, the Minister’s words represented hope and good news, but to warmongers, global mischief makers, and evil shot-callers, the news was not so good. His message continued the warning and challenge to either reverse course or be destroyed in the universal change being orchestrated by God on a world of unrighteousness and injustice.

However, Minister Farrakhan speaks with full knowledge of his archenemies and the chief opposers of a universal order centered in righteousness and structured on freedom, justice, and equality.

The primary opposers are Zionist Jews who have falsely charged Minister Farrakhan of being the top “anti-Semite” for criticizing Jewish behavior and inordinate control specifically of Black life and generally of America. The label is a dog-whistle phrase designed to cancel anyone critical of Jewish misbehavior and misdeeds.

In his Saviours’ Day message, Minister Farrakhan gave deep insight into the Synagogue of Satan as written of in the Bible in the Book of Revelations, Chapter 3, Verse 9 which states: “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

The Minister called out the forces of the Synagogue of Satan and vowed to “break the stranglehold” they have on the people of America and the world. In statements released since his message, attack-dog groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center repeated their diatribe of “hate anything Farrakhan” position.

“I have to pay a price for what I have said today, but I want to prove to you that God is with me,” Minister Farrakhan said. “My mission is to expose Satan, uncover him so you may fall away from him and come back to God and come back to yourself so you can escape the doom of this world!”

The relevance and historical context of Minister Farrakhan’s words can perhaps best be found in the preface of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s illuminating book, “Message To The Blackman in America.”

“As we near the exhaustion of the Wisdom of this world which has not been able to shed enough light on our path in search for that Supreme Wisdom to keep us from stumbling and falling, we now seek the wisdom of Allah, The Best Knower and Guide in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad (to Whom be praised forever),” wrote the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

This day of perplexity and trouble was prophesied from cover to cover in the scriptures which documents the anger of God kindled by the arch-deceiver, Satan (a man) and his people, who the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said were allowed to rule the earth in rebelliousness to God for 6,000 years, which has now expired.

Just a cursory glance at current affairs illustrates the correctness of Minister Farrakhan’s admonitions to the world and his stated outcomes. The preponderance of wars and rumors of war, oppression, bloodshed, and confusion of the people, governments, leaders and rulers tells the story.

Bearing witness to God’s servant

Minister Farrakhan, as the trumpet of God, and his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, teach that the turmoil permeating nations and leaders’ inability to mitigate the chaos is due to an old world of wickedness going out, and a new world structured on righteousness, freedom, justice and equality coming in.

Describing Minister Farrakhan in these terms is not hyperbole. Global circumstances are proving that God’s man does not speak idle words. Events and conditions continue to bear witness that what Allah (God) and His Christ are revealing to Minister Farrakhan—Their anointed servant—is the truth. Jesus said in St. John, Chapter 8, verse 32, we shall know “the truth,” and that truth will “set us free.”


“Well, you need to be set free from the bondage of sin that has gripped the children of Abraham. Muslims, Christians, Jews and all the human family of our planet,” said Minister Farrakhan during his message. “You will never be a happy people if you’re afraid to speak the truth,” he added.

Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad, Southwest Regional Student Minister for the Nation of Islam based in Houston, told The Final Call it is the conflict between truth and falsehood that is in question today.

Quoting Minister Farrakhan’s book, “A Torchlight For America,” Student Min. Abdul Haleem Muhammad said America, the world’s top military and economic power is guilty of hiding the truth of her real condition of decline from the American people.

Minister Farrakhan explained in his book that America is clearly suffering and is lying on her deathbed in dire need of guidance and a new direction. He said an examination of her vital signs shows America is steadily on the decline.

The root of America’s suffering is basic “immorality and vanity,” where “greed, lust and inordinate self-interest” has become the way of life.

He explained further when the desire for the realization of self-interest becomes excessive, the first casualty in this struggle is “truth.” The leaders, in their struggle to achieve inordinate self-interests, engage in hiding the light of truth from the American people who are left paralyzed, unable to constructively address their problems.

This is the state of America, said Student Min. Abdul Haleem Muhammad to The Final Call. “And I would add, not only the condition of America but also the real condition of the world,” he said. Through Minister Farrakhan, God is exposing the hidden things as indicated in his Divinely-Guided Saviours’ Day message, he added.

In “Message To The Blackman in America” on page 210, in the section entitled “We Seek Truth and Justice,” the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad describes “The War of Armageddon” as: “The final war of Judgment and separation of the righteous from the wicked, of which I am sent to teach”; a “Holy War, or the war to end wars.”

Brother Frank Toh is the Study Group coordinator in the West African country of Cote d’Ivoire and translated some responses by others in the country who viewed the Minister’s message. Brother Ahira, who viewed Minister Farrakhan’s speechfrom Cote d’Ivoire, said the Minister unveiled the devil in the planning of this war, according to Brother Frank Toh.


“Most of us didn’t grasp the full meaning of the speech because we had misconceptions about this war,” Brother Ahira said. “The false teachings we received in church caused this confusion in us,” he added.

However, for him, Minister Farrakhan revealed the root causes of this war, including the role of the international bankers, money, and the history of previous wars. “We all should get a deeper understanding of this speech,” said Brother Ahira.

Brother Kada, who also viewed the translated message in French, added, this war in Europe is the end of western hegemony. “All of this must happen for all the oppressed to be liberated,” he said.

Besides upheaval in Europe, hotspots in the Middle East are reaching a boiling point. Rivers of blood are flowing in the occupied Palestinian territories by the Jewish extremist state of Israel. The worsening conditions continue to prove Minister Farrakhan’s warning that there can be no peace structured on lying, thievery, and injustice. Elsewhere in the region is an American-led and Israeli-instigated anti-Iran posture that is nearing the edge of conflict. Uneasiness and distrust also continue escalating between the U.S. and China and the U.S. and Russia.

Through it all, Minister Farrakhan has continued to lift his voice of reason, balance and warning as guided by Allah (God) and His Christ.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad explained that the ultimate war is between the evil proponents of falsehood and the purveyors of truth led by God. He wrote that all the mighty men of science and modern warfare have been called in to devise instruments and weapons against God Himself, whom he taught was Master Fard Muhammad, the Messiah of the Christians, the Mahdi of the Muslims, and his teacher. “The nations of the earth are angry,” the Honorable Elijah Muhammad observed.

In his Saviours’ Day message, Minister Farrakhan explained that the God of Righteousness has interceded to end Satan’s power. An indicator of God’s intervention is the brutal weather in America and parts of the Earth. Minister Farrakhan consistently utters three words of warning: “Watch the Weather!” God will not be mocked and is weaponizing the forces of nature against Satan’s world. Calamities are striking every corner of the Earth from America to Europe, and Asia to the Middle East and Africa.

The Minister told the audience during his message, “God is whipping the world with forces of nature, letting you know it’s going to get worse. And I am here to tell you: You haven’t seen nothing yet! Many of us may not live to see The Hereafter, to see the day when the power of this world is broken and a new world of righteousness is coming in. But try your best to learn how to eat to live, because in a short while America, America … America is fallen.”

Rains and debilitating drought have plagued America on all coasts. Recently, sunny California swung from drought to unprecedented snowstorms. Floods in Saudi Arabia turned roads into raging rivers in late December. Earthquakes ravaged Turkey and Syria where fallen concrete became the cemetery of nearly 60,000 people in a matter of minutes.

Europe is reeling in a “winter of discontent” exacerbated by an energy crisis spurned by the Russia-Ukraine war where over 3,000 people die each year in Britain, unable to afford to heat their homes, reported the UK-based outlet, The Independent.