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The Roundtable interviews Ms. Elner Clark, sister of Black Panther Party organizer Mark Clark, who, along with Chairman Fred Hampton, was assassinated by Chicago Police in the early morning of December 4, 1969. 

From The Final Call Newspaper

Global Upheaval amid the Warning of Divine Servants
By Brian E. Muhammad, Staff Writer
- August 9, 2022

Vehicles are on fire at an oil depot after missiles struck the facility in an area controlled by Russian-backed separatist forces in Makiivka, 15 km (94 miles) east of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, May 4. Three months after it invaded Ukraine hoping to overtake the country in a blitz, Russia has bogged down in what increasingly looks like a war of attrition with no end in sight. Photo: AP File


The nations are boiling with anger and intensified push back and counter push back between adversaries is growing daily. Wars and rumors of more wars are on the horizon and the world appears to be swaying into the shadows of total destruction. There are conflicts in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Observers say tensions are reaching new highs, big power competition is trumping cooperation and collaboration and cynicism has replaced dialogue and disarmament.

Governments are seeking security in stockpiles of war-ware and spending billions of dollars on doomsday weapons that they believe would protect their power, wealth, and future. America, the top economic and military power, like her counterparts on the global landscape is perplexed to find peace and maintain influence.

As conditions deteriorate, will arrogance continue to blind them from heeding right guidance and warnings of divine men among them? For decades the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam and his foremost student, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, have proclaimed that the nations have entered a time of Divine Judgment and Universal Change, spoken of in the scriptures.

Minister Farrakhan delivered a near five-hour presentation in February at the Nation of Islam Saviours’ Day 2022 convention at its National Center, Mosque Maryam in Chicago. His address was titled “The Swan Song.”

Minister Farrakhan warned that the war in Ukraine opens the door to the prophesized global war of Armageddon. When that happens, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said U.S. soldiers would go away to war in the thousands and come back in the tens, the Minister warned.

“Do you know how the war of Armageddon starts?” asked Minister Farrakhan. “It starts with a Messenger of God teaching people the truth. Then people fall on either side; if you disbelieve the truth then you will continue in your way,” he stated.
In this photo released by the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan military forces conduct anti-landing drills during the annual Han Kuang military exercises near New Taipei City in Taiwan on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. (Taiwan Ministry of National Defense via AP)

“The liars are so thick that you can tell the truth and the truth does not seem to move the lie. Do you know why? Because the forces that uphold the lie are upholding the lie with their power. So, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, my teacher, said that means that it has to be physically removed. It is about to happen,” the Minister warned.

Nuclear proliferation

Along with divine chastisement hovering over America, she also faces the threat of atomic war between the nations of the earth. There are nearly 13,000 nuclear weapons held in arsenals around the world. New research, development and testing by nations are on the rise. Crises with nuclear undertones are festering from the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, said observers.

“All this at a time when the risks of proliferation are growing and guardrails to prevent escalation are weakening,” said Antonio Guterres, secretary general of the United Nations. The UN head lamented that world powers are: “just one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation,” citing the war in Ukraine.

Brittney Griner, American WNBA Player, displays personal photos while awaiting trial in Russia, Aug. 2. Ms. Griner was sentenced to 9 years in prison for drug smuggling in Russian court, Aug 5. Photo: MGN Online

The grim picture was expressed August 1 at the “Tenth Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)” at UN headquarters in New York. The conference is convening August 1-26.

Russian diplomat Alexander Trofimov addressing the symposium said the conflict in Ukraine did not warrant Russia’s use of nuclear weapons. But Moscow could decide to use them in response to the use of weapons of mass destruction or a conventional weapon attack that threatened the existence of the Russian state.

“None of these two hypothetical scenarios is relevant to the situation in Ukraine,” Mr. Trofimov disputed. The diplomat accused NATO countries of a “fierce hybrid confrontation” against Russia that “dangerously balances on the edge of open military clash,” reported Iranian Press TV.

“Such a move would be able to trigger one of the two emergency scenarios described in our doctrine,” said Mr. Trofimov. “We obviously stand for preventing this, but if Western countries try to test our resolve, Russia will not back down,” he warned.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty was established to bar the spread, and eventual eradication of the deadly weapons. However, anti-nuclear advocates argue the reverse is happening. The Russia-Ukraine war has rebooted fear and the menacing threat of nuclear war. Meanwhile, member countries to the treaty are increasing their nuclear arsenals.
Pro-China supporters hold U.S. flag and a picture of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a protest outside the Consulate General of the United States in Hong Kong, Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan late Tuesday, becoming the highest-ranking American official in 25 years to visit the self-ruled island claimed by China, which quickly announced that it would conduct military maneuvers in retaliation for her presence. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine under cover of the threat to use nuclear weapons has fractured the NPT community, heightened the risks of nuclear weapons being used, and increased the likelihood of nuclear proliferation,” said Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), a multinational coalition of non-governmental organizations, in a statement.

“At the same time,” added Ms. Fihn, “all five nuclear-armed NPT member states are violating their disarmament obligations under the treaty and increasing the risk of catastrophic nuclear war.”

In July ICAN issued a legal analysis of the compliance of each nuclear-weapon state—America, Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom. It concluded each power is in violation of their obligations to the treaty. These violations include:

• Increases in arsenal sizes (Russia, China), or raising the cap on the maximum number of warheads (UK)

• Fueling a new nuclear arms race by spending billions on nuclear weapons each year, including building new and more dangerous weapons systems (United States, Russia, China, France, UK).

• Failing to pursue negotiations in good faith to end the nuclear arms race and to negotiate in good faith for nuclear disarmament (United States, Russia, China, France, UK).

With global discord intensifying, “hiding behind vague affirmations” and “empty promises is not enough,” said Ms. Fihn.

ICAN’s “Squandered: 2021 Global Nuclear Weapons Spending,” report issued in June said in 2021 the nine nuclear-armed nations—U.S., China, Russia, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan and the UK—doled out $82.4 billion upgrading and maintaining their estimated 13,000 nuclear weapons. The amount represents a nine percent spike from 2020 spending, according to ICAN’s estimates.

The report highlights those countries spent a combined $156,842 every minute of 2021 on weapons of mass destruction, despite a global pandemic and surging food insecurity. The spending failed to deter war, as in Ukraine, and millions of their own citizens struggle for healthcare, housing, heat, gas and food. “Spending on nuclear weapons is violence that costs lives,” the report said. “This corrupt cycle of wasteful spending must be put to an end.”

A world in chaos

For Bill Fletcher, past president of TransAfrica Forum, the state of world affairs is a “multidimensional problem” and reflects an empire of chaos.

“I think that’s a good description of what we’re living through, an empire of chaos, and where things are not being resolved,” said Mr. Fletcher.

There are these multiple things going on such as realignments of nations, particularly with pushback against powers like America. In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most of the world vehemently opposed it and just a small number supported Russia.

Some Global South nations weren’t in support of U.S.-led sanctions on Russia, because of dependency on Moscow, explained Mr. Fletcher. Others were furious with the hypocrisy of Western tolerance on issues like Morocco’s invasion of Western Sahara or Israeli occupation of Palestine, while acting for Ukraine under Russian invasion.

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner, who is Black, is currently being caught in the middle of U.S.-Russia escalating tension. Ms. Griner was playing in Russia during the offseason when she was arrested and jailed Feb. 17 for possession of cannabis oil at a Moscow airport. She was sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in prison by a Russian court on drug possession charges on Aug. 4. Pressure is mounting on the Biden administration to secure her release including the possibility of a “prisoner swap,” to bring Ms. Griner home.

Analysts argue Ms. Griner is being used by both sides as a political pawn and have called out America particularly for its duplicitous posturing across the world.

Middle East tensions

In the Middle East, America professes freedom, peace, and respect for a “rules-based order,” but uses militarism and bloated military industrial complex to foster conflict and instability, critics argue.

Hypocritically, Washington supplies Israel an annual bag of nearly $4 billion, while supplying lip service to oppressed Palestinians. With Israel and Saudi Arabia, America is at the center of targeting Iran as a regional enemy, causing potential war.

“If you look at a map of where they got interventions, a lot of it has to do with the Middle East and with Israel in the past 30, 40 years, much more than any other region,” said Mazin Qumsiyah, a professor and researcher at Bethlehem University.

“So, it’s understandable … logically, not justifying … that U.S. foreign policy driven by Israeli Zionist interests would target Iran,” he reasoned.

As a Palestinian and social activist, Mr. Qumsiyah told The Final Call that U.S. relations with Arab nations is based on a puppet-on-a-string equation. “Arab monarchies like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have always been puppets of Western governments,” said Mr. Qumsiyeh. “Installed as dictatorial regimes similar to the banana republics in South America … now rebelling against U.S. hegemony,” he said.

They were propped-up to guard regional interests of Washington, its military industrial complex, and Zionists. “That’s their function,” explained Mr. Qumsiyeh, “to serve the interests of hegemony … perpetual war, and conflict in the Middle East, while enriching the pockets of a few people.”

According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute that tracks conflicts and global weapons sales, America is the leading supplier of war-ware. The U.S. Department of Defense announced Aug. 3, the Biden Administration approved a $5 billion plus arms sale to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The deal includes a $3.05 billion sale of 300 Raytheon Patriot MIM-104E missiles to Saudi Arabia, and 96 Lockheed Martin Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missiles worth $2.25 billion for the UAE.

The decision came a day after a two-month extension of an UN-brokered cease-fire in Yemen was inked, where a U.S. backed, Saudi-led coalition that includes the UAE waged war against Iranian backed Houthi rebels. Some Mideast watchers say the deal shores up U.S. anti-Iran aims in the region.

U.S. foreign policy lacks a moral compass

“There is no morality, it’s now just a matter of supporting imperialism,” said Dr. Wilmer Leon, commentator, author, and political scientist.

Supporting imperialism causes America to continually fan the flames of conflict, contends Dr. Leon. “So, that the United States can justify to the American electorate selling weapons to foreign countries,” he adds.

American weapons firms like McDonnell Douglas, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin profit from America’s penchant for conflict, which Dr. Leon argues is a “money laundering scheme,” using U.S. taxpayers’ dollars.

America as a nation divided and unraveling was witnessed in the “see no evil, hear no evil” handling of the touchy visit to Taiwan by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in early August. The trip sparked more fire and anger in U.S. – China relations. To China the trip was a menacing chest bump against its sovereignty. Beijing long claimed Taiwan as its territory, which America has accepted since 1979 under its “One China policy.” But despite the recognition which the Biden administration says remains, Washington holds vast unofficial ties with Taipei including selling it arms.

The friction has heated drastically with China conducting “precision missile strikes” Aug. 4 off Taiwan’s coasts as part of military exercises, which raised tensions in the region. Beijing announced the live-fire drills in response to Ms. Pelosi’s visit.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen criticized the drills in a public video address, saying China “destroyed the status quo and violated our sovereignty” with its “irresponsible actions.” She urged China to be “reasonable and restrained,” said media reports.

“We are calm and not impulsive, we are reasonable and not provocative,” she said. “But we will also be firm and not back down.”

Beijing accused Washington of using the island of 23.8 million people to meddle, which they contend will fail. “The U.S. intensified their efforts to try to play the Taiwan card, continuously adding fuel to the fire, making plans to contain China through Taiwan,” insisted Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of China’s State Council.

President Tsai Ing-wen and her Democratic Progressive Party “relying on external support, willingly took on the role of pawns and stepped-up provocations in the quest for independence,” said the spokesperson Aug. 2.

The Biden administration kept aloof from the matter, saying the trip was solely a choice of Ms. Pelosi, representing a separate branch of the U.S. government. The visit could have been dismissed as a routine junket made by lawmakers if Ms. Pelosi were not third in line for the U.S. presidency as House Speaker. Others said the trip was reckless.

Global analyst Bill Fletcher was blunt, calling the trip “idiotic and unnecessary.” She should not have gone, he argued. The trip was “pointless,” and caused tensions to be “unnecessarily heated,” between the two powers, he reasoned.

It appears the nations are preparing for disaster, without calculating on the presence of a Higher Power whose stockpile is more destructive.

“We can see the world is on the brink of not only war, but destruction from a lot of other things—which people call natural things—look at the weather,” said Abdul Akbar Muhammad, the International Representative of the Nation of Islam and Minister Farrakhan.

“The fire … the floods … the amount of rain and in the midst of it all is the drumbeat of war in China, Ukraine, Russia, and all that’s happening in the East Bloc,” Minister Abdul Akbar Muhammad added.

“One would have to be knocked out cold, dead, or oblivious not to see the hand of God in the calamities,” said Abdul Akbar Muhammad.

Minister Farrakhan also warned his teacher has taught that the war in Europe would start with conventional weapons but would eventually involve nuclear weapons.

“It is a very dreadful time that the populations of the earth are now living in,” wrote The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in his monumental book, “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” published in 1974.

On page 212, Elijah Muhammad compared the motion of change to the fall of ancient Babylon, a wicked nation of the past destroyed for its evil.

“‘At the noise of the taking of Babylon the earth is moved, and the cry is heard among the nations.’ Here the Bible teaches us, and we see today, at the fall of the old world, there is a great noise of war, the fighting of war, the destruction of nations, towns, and cities and the killing of their citizens,” wrote Elijah Muhammad, referencing the biblical book of Jeremiah 50 :46.

“There is disagreement and confusion of the heads of nations,” he further wrote.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad explained this is the time for the destruction of an entire world. However, America is first for her record of injustices done worldwide, and domestically to the Black once-slaves and Indigenous Native American populations.

The Earth, land, and sea are set in battle array. Every type of deadly weapon is fashioned and is now being used against man and man. The nations are reeling in the corruption their hands have shaped.

“There cannot be any peace for man under these conditions,” wrote Elijah Muhammad. He warned that the actions of the world leaders have angered God and His chastisement is now present.

From The Final Call Newspaper

Islam comes when everything else has failed: Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad delivers powerful message at Mosque Maryam

By Michael Z. Muhammad, Contributing Writer
- August 2, 2022

Black America is under attack spiritually, mentally, psychologically, and physically—but the Nation of Islam has the solution to Black survival. The Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership and guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan contain the redemptive and resurrecting power Blacks need in these critical times as solutions for problems within our communities, said Student Minister Wesley Muhammad.

He spoke emphatically and meticulously, laying proof through contemporary examples of the assault on Black people when he spoke during a recent Sunday lecture at the Nation of Islam’s headquarters at Mosque Maryam in Chicago. His message, titled “When All Else Fails,” was also streamed live via internet.

Photo: Haroon Rajaee

The Nation of Islam has been a strong and consistent voice against the U.S. government’s depopulation plot with its stance against the Covid-19 vaccine, Student Minister Muhammad—member of the Nation of Islam Executive Council, author, researcher and highly sought-after presenter—said as he began his presentation illustrated with slides for the in-person and online audience.

“The Honorable Brother Minister Farrakhan said, God wants you and I to try everything that we have in our head as a solution, different from what Allah has given as a solution,” he said. “The pestilence from heaven (Covid-19) has shown Black Americans that we can’t escape God and His plan by setting up alternatives. God said separation, but we wanted integration. We wanted civil and voting rights, but God said independence,” pointed out Min. Muhammad, who holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies.

The Nation of Islam should not be judged by how closely we follow others’ aims and objectives but rather by our own work, he pointed out.

A wicked enemy

Student Minister Muhammad illustrated the nefarious deeds committed by Caucasians against Black people while pointing out that these atrocities are not just history but are continuing today. When Black people begin to understand how the way of life of the Nation of Islam is the solution to overcoming these brazen attacks, it becomes clear what the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was taught by God to bring to the Black man and woman is the solution to our needs, he declared July 24.

“Most of the time when we use the word eugenic, we should be using dysgenics because White folks do not have a eugenic project for Black people, but they most definitely have us trapped in a dysgenics project,” he explained. “Eugenics is the science of selective breeding to produce good offspring through the elimination of poor hereditary traits. Dysgenics, on the other hand, involves the evolutionary weakening of a population through the production and reproduction of damaged offspring and the passing on of poor and injurious hereditary traits. In contrast, the aim of a eugenics project is the evolution of a healthy, strong, improved target race. A dysgenics project aims to produce a weak, impaired degenerated population.”

This country’s federal, state, and city governments have purposefully trapped Black people in a dysgenic program, he argued. “This project is responsible for so much of what constitutes Black life in America. He (the White man) is a scientist, and the Negro is his experiment,” Student Minister Muhammad said. There are active, deliberate policies and actions taken by federal, state and local governments that harm Black and Brown people, he continued.

Lead service water pipes are more prevalent in Illinois than elsewhere, he said, citing how Chicago has an above-average number of such water lines. Ninety-five percent of these poisonous pipes can be found within Black and Brown zip codes, he continued. Lead is toxic and has proven harmful if ingested or inhaled by humans.

“Lead is a dangerous metal that can slowly poison children over time. Children in the South and West (sides of) Chicago have higher lead exposure rates, leading to smaller brain volume as they grow up. These children may struggle with executive functions like decision-making skills or regulated moods,” he said.

Lead pollution can be linked to higher homicide rates. In counties with the highest levels of lead exposure, there was an increase in homicides. The Chicago zip codes, that have been identified as having high lead poisoning match up perfectly against those areas that suffer from increased violence, the student minister pointed out, referencing research and news articles on the subject.

The correlation between the legalization of marijuana and Chicago’s most violent years since 1994 cannot be ignored, he continued. The highly published researcher also shared how so-called legalized medical, recreational, or street pot contains artificial THC in excessive amounts, damaging the same prefrontal cortex of the brain as lead poisoning, consequently resulting in increased aggression, hostility, and violence. THC is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana and is what makes people feel “high.”

There is a deliberate effort through the legalization of marijuana via “weed” dispensaries that is contributing to many of the problems facing Black people and particularly youth, he argued.

Slide shows illustration of the regenerative power of the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

“Black men of this generation were born to settle White America’s 400-year-old score, says Minister Farrakhan. Without God our youth cannot survive given synthetic drugs, codeine-laced cough syrup, and fast-food containing BPA, DDT, and THS they also consume,” added Dr. Muhammad.

The government has ensured that these born warriors will be neurologically and biochemically tailored to explode their rage, not on the 400-year-old enemy but on Black neighbors, wives, or girlfriends, said Student Minister Muhammad.

The Divine Solution

The Nation of Islam has been able to see into the root cause of Black peoples’ problems, and it has the solution, he asserted. The Nation of Islam is not simply a religion, it’s a prescribed lifestyle because Allah God gave it to us as means for healing from the ravages that have plagued our sojourn in America, he continued.

“What the Honorable Elijah Muhammad offers the Black man and women is spiritual, intellectual and moral repair, but also physical, physiological, biochemical and neurological repair.

“If Chicago adopted just aspects of our lifestyle, communal healing would be effective,” he added. He pointed to “How To Eat To Live” by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to illustrate this point.

“For example, our unique dietary lifestyle can repair damage caused by the lead poisoning caused by the city of Chicago. Lead poisoning has been associated with the growth of several types of cancer, which are epidemic in Black America today, as well as neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, which has also been described as Black America’s silent epidemic.”

Disturbing image shows White policemen with a young Black man wearing deer antlers showcased as a hunting trophy in Chicago. Photos: Haroon Rajaee

Dr. Wesley Muhammad shared that the Nation of Islam’s dietary lifestyle is based around a unique fasting protocol, which includes fasting for three days every month or the “National Fast.”

“Our fasting protocol can trigger a host of physiological and neurological processes that repair or regenerate whole systems at the cellular level. Our three-day National Fast, for example, is now known to stimulate stem cells in our immune system, allowing us to replace an old deficiency with one new stronger than before! A similar process is triggered in the brain, stimulating neurogenesis or the growth of neurons, brain cells, and removing damaged neurons or brain cells,” he noted.

“Every other system, every other religion, every other agenda, whatever limited good they may do, they are still incapable of repairing what Satan has broken. Only Allah has the power to repair God’s people. There is no one else who can do that but God. And God gave us Islam as a religion,” he pointed out.

The power of truth

The power of hip hop culture and its potential for community impact cannot be understated, Dr. Wesley Muhammad noted during his message. No one has more influence among Black people than a rap artist which makes them critical players in shaping thinking and behavior today, he stated.

“The black stallion hip hop can lead Black people towards redemption, or it can lead us toward degradation and doom,” he observed. “If the culture wants to get back on track, it should follow our lead, like it did in the beginning. Hip hop had its golden years when it was deferential to Islam.”
Dr. Wesley shared how the teaching of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad can prevent, even regenerate, damage done to the human body.

Islam provides a way to restore divine femininity and masculinity in Black people as the Western world is moving toward an ultimate gender-neutral goal, he explained.

The key to happiness is incorporating God into your life and having a structure for truthfulness, said Dr. Muhammad. “The power of the truth that we speak must be supported by a structure of equal power.”

He told listeners that each one of us must live our best life. “Your best selves are living gods, and by being living gods, you have much more than a bank. You have mastery over yourself, which gives you power over Satan and knowledge of the environment around you.”

“Islam comes when all else fails, and everything this world has offered has failed. Black man and woman, let us stop running from our divine destiny. Join the Nation of Islam!” he concluded.

To view this message in its entirety, visit

From The Final Call Newspaper

Raging fires, extreme heat, megadrought and the chastisement of God
By The Final Call
- July 26, 2022

by Naba’a Muhammad and Shawntell Muhammad

The Final Call @TheFinalCall

The summer of 2022 has shown just how vulnerable global infrastructures really are. Around the world, extreme heat and fires dominated the atmosphere. It’s no accident, but further proof of the divine chastisement that God Himself is unleashing on the world, and in particular, recently on Europe and America.

July temperatures in the United Kingdom are usually in the 70s, however, an unprecedented heat wave descended upon the country with 104 degree temperatures. The majority of homes, office buildings, and public transportation do not have air conditioning.

Some of the country’s railway tracks buckled and some of the tracks caught on fire due to the extreme heat. Commuters were encouraged not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

The Pacific Northwest was bracing for a major heat wave just as the Northeastern part of the United States was forecast to see a slight break in extreme temperatures at Final Call presstime.

This photo provided July 14 by the fire brigade of the Gironde region (SDIS33) shows a wildfire near Landiras, southwestern France, July 13. A spate of wildfires is scorching parts of Europe, with firefighters battling blazes in Portugal, Spain and southern France. In France, two fires raged out of control in the region around Bordeaux in southwest France for a third consecutive day, despite efforts of 1,000 firefighters and water-dumping planes to contain them. Photo: SDIS 33 via AP

In Washington state and Oregon temperatures were forecast to top 100 degrees Fahrenheit in some places the week of July 25.

“To have five-day stretches or a weeklong stretch above 90 degrees is very, very rare for the Pacific Northwest,” said Vivek Shandas, professor of climate adaptation at Portland State University. At least two heat-related deaths have been reported in the Northeast.

The scorching weather comes as the opposite side of the country saw forecasts for slight cooling after a stretch of days where temperatures topped 100 F in multiple places. Philadelphia hit 99 degrees July 24 before even factoring in humidity. Newark, New Jersey, saw its fifth consecutive day of 100 degrees or higher, the longest such streak since records began in 1931. Boston also hit 100 degrees, surpassing the previous daily record high of 98 degrees set in 1933.

Europe: Fires and oven-like temperatures

The Hammersmith Bridge in London, built in 1887, can now be seen with silver foil around it because of the country’s heat wave. A statement from the Hammersmith and Fulham Council reported, “Engineers are working round the clock to keep 135 year old Hammersmith Bridge open during the hot spell. The council hired world class engineers to cover the bridge with a $503,000 temperature control system to keep the bridge at a safe temperature and alleviate any stresses on the pedestals.”

A heat wave broiling Europe spilled northward July 18 to Britain and fueled ferocious wildfires in Spain and France, which evacuated thousands of people and scrambled water-bombing planes and firefighters to battle flames in tinder-dry forests.

Hundreds of heat-related deaths were reported in the Iberian peninsula, as high temperatures have gripped the continent in recent days and triggered wildfires from Portugal to the Balkans. Some areas, including northern Italy, are also experiencing extended droughts.

In France, heat records were broken and swirling hot winds complicated firefighting in the country’s southwest.

“The fire is literally exploding,” said Marc Vermeulen, the regional fire service chief who described tree trunks shattering as flames consumed them, sending burning embers into the air and further spreading the blazes.

A firefighter extinguishes flames as the Oak Fire crosses Darrah Rd. in Mariposa County, Calif., on July 22. Crews were able to to stop it from reaching an adjacent home. Photo: AP Photo/Noah Berger

Authorities evacuated more towns, moving another 14,900 people from areas that could find themselves in the path of the fires and choking smoke. In all, more than 31,000 people have been forced from their homes and summer vacation spots in the Gironde region since the wildfires began July 12.

More than 30 forest fires around Spain have forced the evacuation of thousands of people and blackened 85 square miles of forest and scrub.

Passengers on a train through Zamora got a frightening, close look at a blaze, when their train halted in the countryside. Video of the unscheduled—and unnerving—stop showed about a dozen passengers in a railcar becoming alarmed as they looked out of the windows at the flames encroaching on both sides of the track.

At least 748 heat-related deaths have been reported in the heat wave in Spain and neighboring Portugal, where temperatures reached 117 F earlier in July.

In Britain, officials have issued the first-ever extreme heat warning, and the weather service forecast that the record high of 101.7 F, set in 2019, could be shattered.

Regional records in France were broken in over a dozen towns, as the weather service said July 18 was “the hottest day of this heat wave.”

Extreme weather punishes the U.S.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in an annual Saviours’ Day address stated, “Remember what I said last year? Watch the weather? … America and the world had the worst weather in recorded history and this year portends even greater calamities and hurt for the American people and also Europe.” He was speaking in 2011. But the warning could have been issued yesterday given current conditions.

He has consistently warned of how Allah (God) is using the forces of nature to humble and destroy the evil rulers of this world.

There are direct health effects like heat stroke, which occurs when body temperature rises to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, leading to organ failure, and heat exhaustion. High temperatures can also worsen conditions like high blood pressure and can limit the effectiveness of certain medications.

Millions exposed to dangerous conditions

Dangerously high temperatures threatened much of the Northeast and Deep South July 21 as huge swaths of the country sweltered under a heat wave that could continue for days and send temperatures soaring in places like Boston, Little Rock and Virginia Beach.

As some temperatures neared 100 degrees Fahrenheit, millions of Americans sought comfort by staying in the shade of homes or in air-conditioned offices, and cooled themselves in fountains, at beaches or in cooling centers.

In the New York City area, weekend temperatures again soared into the 90s—below triple-digit records—but the high moisture in the air will make it feel well over 100 degrees, said one expert.

Excessive heat warnings—issued when the heat index surpasses 105 degrees Fahrenheit continuously for at least two hours—were in effect in parts of the Deep South and pockets of the mid-Atlantic.

Heat advisories extended along the East Coast, from South Carolina to southern Maine.

In the Tidewater area of southeast Virginia, temperatures were expected to reach nearly the century mark, but humidity will push the heat index beyond 105 degrees, said meteorologist Tim Gingrich.

“People could suffer heat exhaustion and heat stroke if they’re outdoors for a significant amount of time,” Mr. Gingrich said. “You don’t want to be outdoors in the hottest part of the day.”

Cooling centers sprung up across swaths of the country to provide relief from the stifling heat and high humidities.

This summer is shaping up to be one of the hottest on record—not just in the United States but across Europe and other parts of the globe.

In Arkansas, a combination of searing temperatures and moist air across much of the state prompted warnings about excessive heat—which could cause some people to succumb to heat stroke and other weather-related ailments.

New York Public Radio reported on its website, “Not everyone has air conditioners, however, in states such as Oregan and countries such as the United Kingdom that have more temperate climates but have nonetheless recently experienced unusually extreme temperatures. Many people can’t afford to own or operate them. In the United States, about 42 percent of classrooms lack an air conditioner.”

Many “experts” attribute the growing devastating weather events to global warming. However, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated in his book, “The Fall of America”: “All around the Southern Border of America, storms are raging. There are tornadoes and heavy rains, and more storms are on the way, one right after another. And in the North and Far West and in the East, America is surrounded with the judgments of Allah (God). There are earthquakes and the sea is raging. The Pacific Ocean is now angry and is raging and tossing up great waves as never before.”

The eternal leader of the Nation of Islam warned that Allah (God) is using the forces of nature against the United States.

“Why should these things hit America? The Revelations teach you why. It is because America is filled with devils and has such unclean persons living in America. That is true under the symbolism of a hateful bird. Every filthy, slimy, wicked person comes here for a haven, where he can do any wickedness he wants to do, the country is open and welcomes that type of person,” Mr. Muhammad continued.

“I’ve been telling you, watch the weather. Every day the weather is getting worse and worse. The White meteorologists cannot tell you what the weather’s going to be; but my teacher told me. Who’s your teacher, Farrakhan? My teacher is The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” said Minister Farrakhan.

“Without him and the Great Mahdi, I wouldn’t be here, but he told me there are two of us backing you up: Allah and myself. They are worried about the weather. The president (Donald Trump) knows something. He says he doesn’t believe in climate control (climate change) and that we can do something to stop this,” the Minister stated in a message titled, “The Man Jesus and How Not To Fall Into Idolatry,” delivered July 21, 2019, at Mosque Maryam in Chicago.

Northeastern University, in a July piece published online, described how the extreme weather is striking various parts of the globe, including the United States. “The combination of larger wildfires, hotter heat waves and more intense hurricanes is prompting experts at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge to dub summer ‘the danger season,’” noted the article, titled “Can infrastructure and tourism endure triple-digit temperatures, extreme weather during the ‘danger season?’ ”

One expert pointed out how a “ ‘megadrought’ in the U.S. Southwest is making fires more difficult to contain, resulting last month in New Mexico experiencing its largest wildfire ever, the Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon fire.”

“Extreme weather poses a risk to summer tourism, making travel inconvenient or downright dangerous in beloved destinations around the globe,” the Northeastern University article added.

Axios joined the chorus with a July 19 story: “Some 40 million Americans are under heat alerts due to ‘dangerous and intense,’ potentially record-breaking heat across the Plains and Mississippi Valley that’s expected to expand into the Southeast this week,” wrote Rebecca Falconer.

“The big picture: The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for Texas, and there are heightened fire dangers in several states. Firefighters are already battling 89 large fires across 12 states,” she continued.

“In addition to the Texas wildfires, 70 large fires were burning across Alaska, and firefighters in both California and Nevada were battling three big blazes,” she observed. “New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming each had two large fires ablaze, according to the agency. Wyoming, Arizona, Nebraska, Idaho and Montana each reported one large fire.”

Axios Philadelphia writer Alexa Mencia took on the topic of extreme weather’s impact. “Philadelphia’s prolonged heat could affect your health,” warned the headline on her July 19 story. “Philadelphia’s prolonged stretch of hot and muggy weather forecast this week could put the health of vulnerable populations at risk,” she wrote. Forecasters were predicting “dangerous period of heat and humidity in the city,” which is often killer heat in urban and especially poor areas of cities.

“Extreme heat poses the greatest risks for the elderly, infants, pregnant people, those with preexisting medical conditions, and anyone without access to cooling,” she wrote. “Philly’s low-income neighborhoods are often hotter, due in part to low tree canopy, fewer green spaces and more exposure to asphalt surfaces—legacies of redlining. The most common heat-related illnesses are heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, sunburn and heat rash.

“Children will experience 35 times more life-threatening extreme heat events than kids born about 60 years ago, according to research published this year,” Ms. Mensa added. “Heat can be disruptive to transportation networks. Amtrak last week issued an extreme heat warning for the Northeast region, warning of potential delays for trains running between New York and Philadelphia,” the writer explained.

She also offered this advice and warning: “If you don’t have air conditioning, make sure to open a window in your home if you’re turning on a fan. Otherwise, it can raise temperatures, creating an ‘oven effect,’ according to city officials.”

As the Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught and Min. Farrakhan has explained, the earth has existed for trillions of years and was not made to be a paradise for the wicked. So, the burden the earth is carrying are those who are evil and delight in and perpetuate unrighteousness. Allah (God) is removing them today.

The earth belongs to the righteous so the wicked have been trying to settle on the earth, and today even seek somewhere else to settle because their time is up.

In addition to physical fires and heat the country and world are experiencing there is another fire, “Fire Fed With Fuel,” written about by Messenger Messiah Muhammad in “The Fall of America,” published in 1973. “The Fire Is The War!” he warns. That war is raging now in Europe and opening the door to wider war with the U.S. adding fuel to the fire by sending weapons into Ukraine in a proxy war with NATO against Russia. We urge you to listen to the voice of divine guidance in our midst, Min. Farrakhan, and fly to Allah (God) for refuge in this critical hour.

(Reporting by the Associated Press was included in this article.)

From The Final Call Newspaper

Sparking a second civil war: The question for 2024 elections isn’t who will win, but will America survive?

By The Final Call
- July 19, 2022

by Naba’a Muhammad and William P. Muhammad
The Final Call Newspaper


The attempt to overthrow the 2020 presidential election failed but insecurity, insurrection and anarchy still loom. Fear is mounting that the country could explode in two years depending on results at the voting booth—who is running and who loses their run for office.

When Jason Van Tatenhove, a former spokesman for the Oath Keepers, a national right wing group, testified during recent congressional hearings about the attack on the U.S. Capitol one year ago, he was blunt.

Violent insurrectionists loyal to President Donald Trump stand outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021. The public hearings of the House committee investigating the insurrection pose a challenge to Democrats seeking to maintain narrow control of Congress. Photo: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File

“I think we need to quit mincing words and just talk about truths and what it was going to be was an armed revolution. People died that day, law enforcement officers died this day, there was a gallows set up in front of the Capitol. This could have been the spark that started a new civil war,” he said.

And, he has warned, the danger isn’t over depending on how former President Trump, a key figure and accused conspirator, insurrection catalyst, and others respond during the 2024 presidential election.

He and others from across the political spectrum—from progressive to conservative and liberal to right wing—say America is in trouble and could explode into an all-out civil war.

Mr. Van Tatenhove said he was no longer part of the Oath Keepers, which is composed of current and former law enforcement, military personnel, first responders and others who insist their obligation is to defend their interpretation of the Constitution above all else.

Called to testify, he told committee members his onetime group is dangerous.

“I think the best illustration for what the Oath Keepers are, happened Jan. 6, and we saw that stacked military formation going up the stairs of our Capitol,” he told the House panel.

“I saw radicalization that started with my beginning of my time with them and continued over a period of time as the member base, and who (organization leader) Stewart Rhodes was courting, drifted further and further right into the alt-right world, into White nationalists and even straight up racists,” Mr. Van Tatenhove testified July 12.

Surveys show plenty of pessimism about America: A 2021 Zogby poll published by the Brookings Institution found that nearly half of Americans believed that a second civil war was likely.

White discontent is fueling an extreme and violent response, analysts like Sara Kamali, of the University of California Santa Barbara, warn.

She wrote about how and why the U.S.-based Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Three Percenters, individuals, and groups attempted a collective coup on Jan. 6, 2021.

“White nationalists believe that White people and identity are under attack worldwide by immigrants, people of color and, increasingly, progressives and liberals who do not share their racist, religious, anti-government beliefs or conspiracy theories,” explained the professor in a piece published online at the Conversation.

White nationalists want to “reclaim land as a White state governed and inhabited by White people only,” Prof. Kamali said. She also noted, “the Oath Keepers have consistently taken stances that are racist and have warned of an impending civil war in the United States.”

White discontent, division and danger

The seventh hearing of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol focused on connections between White supremacist groups, supporters of then-President Trump and efforts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election lost by the GOP’s ruler.

During the hearings, the links between alt-right groups, like the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the Republican Party, and others were exposed.

While Mr. Trump may be a central figure in the volatile U.S. political equation, he is not the sole cause of the country’s problems.

Racism and unrepentant White entitlement are part of mainstream politics and an important part of the ideology of millions of Republicans, a majority of whom don’t see Joe Biden as a legitimate president.

“Though Republican leaders like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana have denounced White supremacy, several prominent Republicans still maintain ties to White nationalist groups,” Ms. Kamali, the University of California professor, observed.

Rioters face off with police at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. A growing number of Capitol riot defendants are pushing to get their trials moved out of Washington. They claim they can’t get a fair trial before unbiased jurors in the District of Columbia. Photo: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File

“On July 11, 2022, Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have authorized federal agencies to monitor domestic terrorism within the U.S., including incidents involving White supremacy,” she noted.

But the unwillingness to confront or even admit to a White domestic terror problem or threat is a longstanding one: As far back as the 1990s, Democrats and Republicans were loath to crack down on armed White militias in the United States. Though many of the groups were anti-government and called the federal government the enemy, political leaders appealed for understanding and respect for individual rights. Those who have warned about the danger of White right groups have often found themselves under fire, including those who have repeated these warnings over the last four years.

What was once seen as a fringe element is now part of “the allure of the White nationalist platform to elected officials and voters. Many successful local, state and federal elections in 2020 centered on perpetuating the Big Lie, the conspiracy theory embraced by many white nationalists that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump,” wrote Prof. Kamali.

Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, is co-chair of the Jan. 6 congressional select committee, which is led by Bennie Thompson, a Black Democrat from Mississippi.

Can America survive?

Beyond information exposed during the congressional hearings is a major question: Can the U.S. survive a national election in 2024?

Late last year, Newsweek explored the possibility of civil war after the 2024 elections in a country filled with millions of guns and millions of Whites who see their government as the enemy.

“What might lead to large-scale armed threat or even violence around the 2024 elections? There may be only one narrow path to avoiding it: A comfortable, incontestable win by Trump, assuming he’s the Republican candidate. Democrats might despair at the loss, but it’s not likely that they will go into mass protests against what could be seen as a legitimate election win,” Newsweek reported.

Citing the Armed Conflict Location and Evident Data report (ACLED), Newsweek continued, “But if Trump loses, by any margin, and is unable to overturn the results through legal or political means, it seems likely Republicans will declare the election fraudulent. In 2020, the conviction—against all evidence—that Trump had the presidency stolen from him brought an insurrectionist mob to the U.S. Capitol. … In 2024, that sort of mob, which will have been fed for four years on false claims of a ‘Big Steal’ and exhortations to fight back against tyranny, will likely be far, far larger. If gun-control laws are weakened by the Supreme Court, they will also likely be heavily armed. In addition to Washington, D.C., the ACLED report found that Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Oregon face the largest risk of armed uprisings in contested elections, followed by North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, California, and New Mexico. But shortly after the January 6 insurrection, the FBI warned that all 50 state capitols were at risk.” The ACLED report stands for the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project.

“If Trump wins, but by a small margin that Democrats can attribute to Republican laws and tactics aimed at suppressing Democratic votes, massive protests around the country are inevitable. Democrats won’t have to stretch their imaginations to make that claim: In 2021, 43 states proposed more than 250 laws limiting voting access,” Newsweek noted. “For these and other reasons, America has been steadily dropping on the widely cited Freedom in the World ranking of countries by how democratic they are. The U.S. has fallen from the company of large, Western European countries to end up today alongside Ghana and Mongolia.”

Newsweek continued, “If police can’t or won’t deal with an armed uprising, the last hope for a peaceful resolution would probably be the National Guard and military. Only the governor can call out the National Guard in a state, and only the president can deploy the military. To send in the military to quell disturbances on U.S. soil, the president must invoke the Insurrection Act, last used in 1992 by then-President George H. W. Bush to help restore order during the Los Angeles riots.

“Joe Biden would likely still be president at the initiation of election-related violence, so if the National Guard were unable to quiet things down in one or more states—or if a governor refused to call in the Guard—it would fall squarely on Biden’s shoulders to make that call. … The National Guard or military would almost certainly prevail in shutting down the worst of the violence and protecting the government. But two key questions arise: Would military leadership accept Biden’s orders to deploy against an armed uprising? And if it did, would the rank and file follow their commanders’ orders to take up arms against fellow Americans whose motivations might resonate with many of their own?”

Members of the Oath Keepers on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. An upcoming hearing of the U.S. House Committee probing the Jan. 6 insurrection is expected to examine ties between people in former President Donald Trump’s orbit and extremist groups who played a role in the Capitol riot. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

According to Barbara Walter, a member of the CIA’s Political Instability Task Force and author of “How Civil Wars Start and How to Stop Them,” when standards used to measure foreign democracies were applied to the United States, America’s status was downgraded to an “anocracy.”

An anocracy is a hybrid, mixing both democracy and autocracy, as it transitions between one form of government to the other.

Ms. Walter, speaking at the virtual Upfront Summit 2022 out of Santa Monica, Calif., explained how the task force mission was to help the U.S. government predict “international political instability and political violence and when we put together the model, we thought of every possible variable that could put a country on the road to civil wars.”

An important variable “was whether the citizens in those partial democracies began to organize themselves politically around identity, whether they began to form political parties around ethnicity, religion and/or race as opposed to ideology,” Ms. Walter said.

All of those things are happening in America right now.

A video of former President Donald Trump speaking during a rally near the White House on Jan. 6, 2021, is shown as committee members from left to right, Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-Calif., Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., and Rep. Elaine Luria, D-Va., look on, as the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol holds its first public hearing to reveal the findings of a year-long investigation, at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, June 9, 2022. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Although the congressional hearings have produced damning testimonies from White House insiders and rank-and-file Americans, the country remains bitterly divided over perceptions of Jan. 6, 2021, and the weeks leading up to it.

On day seven of the Select Committee Investigating the Attack on the U.S. Capitol hearing, how those attending President Trump’s Stop the Steal rally morphed into a frenzied mob of violent extremists and new testimonies provided insight into tensions not seen in American politics since the Civil War of 1860.

“When you’re on the losing side that doesn’t mean you have to be happy about it, and in the United States, there’s plenty you can do, and say so. You can protest, you can organize, you can get ready for the next election, to try to make sure your side has a better chance the next time the people settle their differences at the ballot box, but you can’t turn violent,” argued Rep. Thompson.

But violence has already occurred, and many Americans are planning for and calling for more violence.

Committee Vice Chair Cheney said a closed-door interview with former Trump White House Counsel Pat Cipollone revealed additional information about the president’s behavior during the violence of Jan. 6. But, she stressed, lies from the highest levels of government have permanently changed the lives of those who rioted at the Capitol and the hearings show Mr. Trump knew the 2020 presidential election was not stolen.

According to the Electoral Count Act of 1887, a joint session of Congress is to be held on the sixth day of January following presidential elections where the electoral votes are officially tallied by both houses of Congress and certified by the president of the Senate–the vice president of the United States.

Dr. Jared Ball, associate professor of Communication and Africana Studies at Morgan State University and a researcher of social movements and political organization, told The Final Call that a radical solution is needed if Black America is to survive the global agendas of the White elite.

“The hearings and the duopoly of (the) dominant political parties represent a charade (and) the struggle among the political elite to manage power,” he said.

A country moving toward civil strife, unrest and bloodshed

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has warned of the anarchy, political disorder, violence and lawlessness that America faces as her society and nation continue to unravel.

His teacher, the eternal leader of the Nation of Islam, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, has continually warned of the divine judgment of God against America for her evil and how she cannot escape. He has also warned of the savagery in the society and political tricks as the solution to the problem of Black and White in this country, which requires separation of Blacks into a separate state or territory of their own—as the children of Israel were given land and independence by Jehovah in the Bible.

“How much good have the two parties (Republican and Democrat) done for us for the last century in the way of freedom, justice and equality?” Messenger Muhammad asked on page 36 of his monumental book, “The Fall of America.” “Regardless of what party wins, the die is always set against us (the Black people in America). Injustice, crooked politics, and the breeding of corruption under crooked politics have been practiced ever since Adam to the present day rulers,” he clearly stated.

“The United States of America is moving closer and closer to great civil strife, unrest and bloodshed. Although the American people are supposed to be citizens of one nation, the division between labor and management is growing more intense. The division between the haves and have nots is getting wider and wider and that breach is being filled with hatred,” warned Min. Farrakhan in an article titled, “Is America Headed for Civil War?”

“The division between politics, right and left, so-called Christians, right and left, liberals, conservatives and all of the many causes that people are giving themselves to, whether social, religious or political, are now beginning to show signs of bloodshed,” he noted.

The Minister added: “People do not seem to be willing to argue their point and let truth prevail, but the frustration of arguments is leading to resolution of conflict by means of the gun. So, the weapons of war are being sold legally and illegally throughout the United States in unprecedented numbers. The proliferation of weapons of the assault kind are mounting in the Black and White communities.

“Civil unrest in the future will not be able to be handled by the police. The police will be supported by the National Guard and the National Guard will be supported by federal troops. When this day arrives, and it will, the breakdown of law and order will be so great in America that it will be as the prophets foretold, ‘a time of trouble such as never was, since there was a nation even to that same time.’ Blood, as John the Revelator saw, ‘will be running in the streets even up to the horse’s bridle.’ This is a terrible prophecy, and it does not appear that it will be avoided or averted.”

“The most painful war America has ever fought was the Civil War, which pitted North and South against each other. It is 130 years from the conclusion of that war and, although a healing is taking place, many of the old scars still remain,” the Minister said in 1994. “May Allah (God) bless us to help to end the civil strife among our people that we may become examples of peace in the midst of a world being destroyed through war.”

From The Final Call Newspaper

21st Century Lynching: Blacks, 
Latinos disproportionately executed
on death row, new report states
- July 5, 2022

On April 17, 1997, 19-year-old Billie Allen, a Black man, was convicted 
on two charges: killing a security guard while committing an armed bank 
robbery and the use of a firearm to commit a crime. A year later, a judge 
imposed the federal death penalty.

A new report by Amnesty International goes into detail about Mr. Allen’s 
case. Upon his arrest, he was handcuffed to a table in the interrogation
 room for seven to eight hours without a lawyer present. Everyone involved 
in the case—the prosecutors, the judge and the defense team—were all 
White, the report points out. So was the murder victim. The crime took 
place in St. Louis, Missouri. Despite St. Louis being about 46 percent Black 
and 46 percent White, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the jury was
 pulled from the predominately White part of the state.

Kevin Strickland is pictured in an interview room at Western 
Missouri Correctional Center on Nov. 5, 2019, in Cameron, Mo. 
A judge’s decision on Nov. 23, 2021, to release the longtime inmate 
was made possible by a new Missouri law intended to free people 
who were imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit. Strickland, 
was convicted in 1979 of a triple murder in Kansas City. 
Photo: James Wooldridge/The Kansas City Star via AP, File

“Billie Allen’s jury consisted of 10 white jurors and two African American 
jurors, after the prosecution used peremptory challenges to dismiss five 
of the eight African Americans at jury selection,” Amnesty’s report states.

Mr. Allen wore an electro-shock stun belt the entirety of his trial. 
The prosecution described the young Black man as a “murderous dog.”

Twenty-five years later, Mr. Allen is still on death row, though according 
to both the Amnesty report and a petition with more than 
150,000 signatures: one, DNA testing excludes Mr. Allen as the assailant; 
two, a security guard came forward stating he saw Mr. Allen at a shopping 
mall miles away from the scene of the crime; and three, witness descriptions 
do not match Mr. Allen.

But Mr. Allen’s case is not an outlier when it comes to the death penalty. 
According to Amnesty International’s report, titled, “The power of example: 
Whither the Biden death penalty promise,” while Black people make up 
approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population, almost half of 539 
defendants whose cases were authorized for a federal capital prosecution
 between 1988 and April 2021 were Black. Though Latinos make up 
almost 19 percent of the U.S. population, 18 percent of the defendants 
were Latino and 28 percent were White.

In this July 8, 2004 file photo provided by the Oklahoma 
Department of Corrections, Patrick Dwyane Murphy is pictured
 in a photo in McAlester, Okla. Murphy, a citizen of the Muscogee 
Nation and an Oklahoma death row inmate whose legal challenge 
led to a historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling on tribal sovereignty
has been convicted in federal court. A federal jury in Muskogee on 
Aug. 5, 2021, found Murphy guilty of murder and kidnapping in the 
1999 killing of George Jacobs in McIntosh County. 
Photo: Oklahoma Department of Corrections via AP File

“Of the 16 people put to death in federal executions since 2001, 
seven were White, seven were Black, one was Latino and one was 
Native American,” the report states.

Out of the more than 1,500 executions that have been carried out 
since the 1970s on both the federal and state levels, 522, or about a 
third of those executed were Black and 128 were Latino. More than 
80 percent occurred in southern states, and more than 75 percent 
were of people convicted of crimes involving White victims, 
according to Amnesty’s report.

“We are obviously not surprised by any of those statistics. That’s the 
reality of White supremacy in America. And it’s sort of very interesting 
that you have a Supreme Court that weighs in on the side of being 
pro-life but will not put a moratorium in place on the death penalty. 
So, it’s basically hypocrisy at its best and exposes sort of the racial 
bias that is engaged in this entire debate and this entire approach to 
capital punishment,” Reverend Graylan Hagler, senior minister at 
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, said to The Final Call.

He attributed the racial disparities to poverty and not being able to 
afford a private attorney.

“​​You basically get an overworked, overtaxed public defender and you 
end up very often being convicted, very often going to jail quite a bit 
and in capital cases you go on to death row,” he said.

Alexis Hoag, professor of law at Brooklyn Law School, has spent more 
than a decade representing individuals sentenced to death. She told 
The Final Call the death penalty has always been about exerting race, 
power and control.

“The history of the death penalty in this country has really been shaped 
by this presumption of Black people being dangerous and criminal,” 
she said. “It’s been used as a tool to control Black people. When you look 
at the use of capital punishment coming out of a long period of racial 
terrorism and lynching targeting Black men largely accused falsely of 
raping White women or some sort of social transgression. And as lynching 
decreased, we saw an increase in states’ use of capital punishment.”

Ms. Hoag described the widespread racial terrorism directed at Black 
people, from the Red Summer in 1919 to the Tulsa Race Massacre in 1921.

“We saw widespread lethal violence targeting Black people, Black 
communities. And so it was around that time, then, that the legal system 
brought lynching into the courtroom, the courthouse doors, and gave 
this appearance of due process,” she said. “Let’s assign counsel. Let’s 
pull in a jury. Let’s have a judge. And then we can ultimately have the
 same result, which is the execution of a Black person.”

The majority of death penalty cases are at the state level, but Ms. Hoag 
said federal law can be triggered if someone already incarcerated commits 
murder in the facility or by people crossing state lines.

Hollow promises

Mr. Allen is a victim of the U.S. government’s empty promises.

On June 29, 1972, in the case Furman v. Georgia, the U.S. Supreme 
Court ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional. In the case 
Gregg v. Georgia just four years later, the court claimed that Georgia’s 
death penalty statute was not “cruel and unusual” punishment and 
that it was constitutional.

It has been 50 years since Furman v. Georgia and the U.S. government 
has done little to abolish the federal death penalty or commute existing 
sentences, despite promises by current president Joe Biden. When he ran 
for president, he stated that if elected, he would “pass legislation to eliminate 
the death penalty at the federal level and incentivize states to follow the 
federal government’s example,” a commitment that was confirmed to the 
United Nations.

“However, except for a temporary moratorium on federal executions, in the 
18 months since he entered the White House as President, little progress 
on his abolitionist pledge has been visible,” states Amnesty International’s 
report. “What is more, his administration’s defense of the sentences of all 
of those currently on federal death row—opposing relief and moving them 
closer to execution – is cause for concern. Time is of the essence, and 
it is passing.”

Amnesty International is calling on President Biden to commute 
all federal death sentences, including the death sentence of Mr. Allen, 
and to stop all federal activities that support or facilitate state executions.

“People who are victims of the criminal injustice system are very, 
very low in terms of the priorities of politicians,” stated Rev. Hagler.

Ms. Hoag explained that two prominent federal capital cases may be 
preventing the president from abolishing the death penalty: Dylann Roof, 
who was convicted and sentenced to death for shooting and killing nine 
Black people in a Charleston, S.C. church, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 
who was convicted and sentenced to death for his participation in the 
2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

“I think Biden doesn’t want to be the one that intervenes in the federal 
death penalty that would then result in those two individuals, Mr. Roof 
and Mr. Tsarnaev, no longer being on death row. And that’s unfortunate, 
because the death penalty continues to be used as a tool to target the 
most marginalized people in this country,” Ms. Hoag said.

Attorney Athill Muhammad from Houston, Texas, was on the team of two 
death penalty cases involving the same person, Tyrone M. Williams. 
Mr. Williams, a Black man, was initially tried in 2005 for the deaths 
of 19 “illegal immigrants” who lost their lives in the back of his
 tractor-trailer. He was the only one possibly facing the death penalty 
out of 13 other defendants.

“My experience has been, from a personal standpoint, the most pressure 
that I think an attorney can be under, because you literally have
 somebody’s life in your hands,” Atty. Muhammad said.

This undated handout photo provided by the Texas Department of 
Criminal Justice shows Melissa Lucio. Lawyers for Lucio, who has 
denied she fatally beat her 2-year-old daughter are hopeful new evidence 
will stop her execution on April 27. 
(Texas Department of Criminal Justice via AP)

During the first trial, the judge was a Black woman and much of the court 
consisted of Blacks and Mexicans. The jury never returned a verdict, 
which resulted in a second trial, Atty. Muhammad said. The case was 
given to a White judge, and the jury found Mr. Williams guilty. In the end, 
the death penalty was not pursued, and Mr. Williams was convicted of life 
without parole.

“It’s difficult, especially when you begin to know the person as a human,” 
Atty. Muhammad expressed. “Once you know that person and then know 
that they’re trying to put this person to death, you’re like, well, 
wait a minute here.”

Death penalty alternatives

Amnesty International’s recommendations for President Biden include 
working with members of Congress to fully abolish the death penalty at
 the federal level and supporting a public information campaign about 
abolition, aimed at showing the facts about arbitrariness, racial bias and 
impact, errors and other realities of capital justice, as well as about the
 requirements of international human rights law.

Other recommendations included for the U.S. Congress to enact 
legislation to abolish the federal death penalty and for the Department 
of Justice to maintain the moratorium on executions until abolition of 
the federal death penalty is signed into law and all federal death sentences 
have been commuted.

Ms. Hoag recommended alternative punishments to the death penalty, 
such as lengthy prison sentences and a life-term in prison. But she 
questioned, “How do we decide what is enough punishment, if you 
sentenced someone to 50 years?”

“The crime doesn’t change. The nature of the murder, the aggravated 
murder, doesn’t change. But surely during a 50-year period of time, or 
some other lengthy period of time, someone perhaps has the ability 
to redeem themselves,” she said.